Fleet Expedition - Reload save issue

When having a save prior to sending out the Fleet for an expedition, reloading the save will make the mission unavailable (greyed out).

I had a manual save before I sent out my Fleet on their very first expedition. Something happened soon after, making me want to reload my save. All seemed fine until I spoke to the Navigator to setup the fleet mission again. The top mission was now greyed out, no longer available. I specifically made that save in case anything would go wrong with this very first mission. It is an easy mission as well I assume, considering only 1 star difficulty (top one in green).

I manually fixed this issue by editing my save file, as apparently not all data is being reset when reloading to before activating an expedition. All seems fine again, all 5 missions are available once more. Just too bad it got re-seeded with an even longer duration 4h27m instead of the just over 2h I got before. Fingers crossed my very first expedition goes smoothly :wink:


I have five broken down freighters, but my first fleet mission went well. I guess the two star mission are twice as hard. :face_with_raised_eyebrow: I hired cheap freighters with low stats, I’ll have to whip them into shape.

I thought that since the freighters had gotten damaged and had to return for repairs I would get nothing. Not the case, finally debrief them at the expedition rooms, made out fairly well. I don’t remember all, but from one broken C class freighter and one failed 2 star expedition. I got 2 daggers, 2castings, 60,000 units, and some metal. Makes me wonder what a S class and full star expedition would bring in.


I’m having a similar issue except missions remained greyed out after completion. I now have five greyed out expeditions I completed and no new ones are selectable. Reported to zen desk.

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Yeah, I had that too, seemed to work itself out. :man_shrugging: They are all lit up again. Different star system maybe, that would bit, thou. :frowning: A couple patches and save and save modes between, also.

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Oh that could be it actually :slight_smile: I’ve been sorta stuck in the same system more or less with friends while we wait for discovery services to behave themselves a little. We can all land in a place I’ve been to and named and they can see everything as undiscovered, name able and upload able so we’re sitting still in case we mess up the databases at HG HQ

I’ll check when I’m in and let you know if this works :slight_smile:

Edit: @Sir_oops yup that was it, need to leave the system more often I think, feeling braver now with recent patching, seeing some original system names pop up today on my travels around the hub :slight_smile: