Fauna 🦕


I have yet to encounter any- some of the descriptions would lead you to believe they are. None have attacked each other or me though :frowning:


Weird planet - I like it


What? Are those little flaps behind its head (?) really able to lift that creature off the ground? So bizarre. :laughing:



Cool guy, just don’t eat his cookies…

…well ok just one. :sweat_smile: :grin:



Exactly. I trick people into discovering their music with the hopes they’ll google the odd line or ten I drop now and then :joy: if I flat out say its radiohead people may be inclined to just avoid :smirk:



:heart_eyes: I love those!


Hostile scan in progress



Ok, description checks out…won’t stay for dinner, seeya!



Oh my gosh SingularGleam those are so cute!!


That looks cool Darth, and creepy as all get out!


A few friends from tonight :smiley:


Even more creepy in the light. (Finaly got my nerves up and went back to get a better picture) :grimacing:



Some oddities from my travels.

Some more adorables for @sheralmyst

My boots are just hidden under the front paws.

Weird floating thingy, I don’t know what!


Not really a creature exactly but I found the Space Whale on a planet, from the Hitchiker’s Guide to the Galaxy story books!!! It was an amazing ‘natural’ anomaly created by lighting on the strange terrain. Maybe it is an ancient fossil been there ever since it fell out of space…


Our ETARC captial planet EDISON and some beasties we may know … :slight_smile:

None of which were harmed!!! :slight_smile:


Those green thingies are like those perpetual motion ornaments that dip their heads in water in a glass. I love the birds crest too.