Fauna 🦕


This little one I wasn’t even looking at. I was zooming about in photo mode and then noticed it tucked away in a cave entrance. I then went down to find it and snap a picture.

For a brief second I thought I had found prehistoric Earth!

I was left chasing the one below all over the planet and eventually had to let it run away, it was too fast!


Diplo: 1 - Pilgrim: 0


I have not seen one of the Gek-like critters with a mask. Looks like the shaman of the clan.


Of all the creatures in the game, those are my favorite types. I want to find a beautiful jurassic type planet with those giant and baby ones all over the place. I love feeding them, and they put their heads in the sand after they eat for a moment. Nice pics DevilinPixy. Those are exceptionally huge lol.


Holy cow Argent-Star, was this eyeball creature underwater or above ground? Its creepy lol.


I wonder how that one on the bottom eats Johnnycloud lol. I get a kick out of the ones I feed and I follow them around and collect the coprite poop they drop lol. That’s how I collect it. The big ones drop huge coprite boulders :smiley:


It probably would dissolve me with saliva and then suck me up. like through a straw or something… Yuk! I’m glad it was running away from me now I think about it. Urgggh.


Couple of diplos.


Did the one in the top picture go to the vet recently, the cone? Was he chewing on the stitches? He has blinders under his eyes, that has got to create blind spots.


Someone decorated their pumpkins early this year


Pumpkinhead LMAO




Don’t go in the water!!! EVER!!!




Pretty not happy, but pretty friendly! :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


I wonder what’s behind that awesome helmet :slight_smile:





Dragon Fish

Not sure what this is but, he eats NipNip Buds and has no bones…