Fauna scanner suggestion

can we change the fauna scanner upgrades towards making it easier to find undiscovered species instead of earning more money per discovery?

I’m not sure I understand the topic…if you mean “we” as in the players then no…we can’t, not unless someone can make a mod for it or some such but not legitimately in game. If you mean “we” as in for HG to change it then I’m not sure…fauna does not spawn until you are in an area and unlike buildings and such are not nailed down to a specific predetermined spot where it’s guaranteed to always spawn so I’m not sure they can make it work like trying to scan for building but for species you haven’t discovered. But their intent with the upgrades is clearly to balance and make the economy viable for people who want to spend their time scanning creatures and exploring planets…I’m not sure they intend to completely eliminate the challenge of finding all the species on a planet.

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“we” was ment as a suggestion for the dev team to change it accordingly in upcoming patches. for example: if a scanner upgrade changes all the white dots on the horizon to green an red dots i would a least know in which direction to search for. if not possible then may i suggest to change the requirements for the warp upgrade theta reward? i don’t care about trophies but i would at least like the ability to jump to blue star systems at some point.

You can find all the ship and freighter warp reactors for sale at Gek tech sellers for nanite clusters…so you don’t have to suffer through Polo’s milestones to be able to get the tech you need to go to all types of stars.

really… didn’t come across any tradeable theta reactor yet. thought the theta reactor was limited to polos quest. have to check gek traders more carefully then, thanks.

It was…until 1.3 launched.

There are mods to aid with this indeed… “Problem” is, for that to happen, the creatures you want to scan far in the distance have to be called in and hog resources. Those kind of mods make it so, at a small price, depending on your machine… And for things like sea-life and flyers, it also helps by pushing up their numbers.

Maybe an “Alien” style tracker on your multi tool would be cool :wink:

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Agreed! And doable, as is, with the scanner info… Would be nice to have stuff like that to hold on our left “hand/side”, a holographic sonar in front of us, or yeah… a screen on the multi-tool.

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With so many planets in the galaxy, why do players feel that each one should be easy to 100% complete?

The unit reward is small for 100% creatures.

If it’s for Milestones, it should be tough, not something to be achieved in the first 10 planets you land on.

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Often times is not that they are hard to find, but that they fail to spawn… Due to small numbers. In my case I use those modifications because I enjoy the sight of big herds, skies with birds to the horizon and oceans full of life. If I could have enough variation so that achieving the 100% would be impossible, I’d go for it… In fact I had it for a while, before it got outdated.

Are they failing to spawn due to low numbers or is it right there in the planet’s description?

If Fauna is Scarce, it’s not just that there might be less types of creatures, they might spawn way less frequently. Meaning, if one creature is very rare, it’ll be even harder to find if Fauna is Scarce.

If your goal is to find all the Fauna on a planet, you should be looking for one where Fauna is Abundant. Not only can there be more types but they might spawn more frequently. Meaning that the rare types will be easier to find.

Could be that…

My current Frigid planet has a lot of small herds, yet I have only found 9 of 12 creatures. I’ve checked air, land, water, caves, day & night, and many locations. Yet those 3 buggers elude me. Some planets are a real discovery challenge. The bonus is 300,000 units for discovering all. I persist in my perseverance.

Creatures don’t actually “spawn” (get created from nothing). At the game start, everything exists and is in motion. Creatures have specific environment and behavior rules. They also can have a preference for day or night. Keep searching till you find them.

That’s not technically correct, the algorithms used to create the simulation are simply that, algorithms. That which we see is only generated when we are near it. The distance things are generated can vary, e.g. When in space the planets are generated, (or at least the side facing us at that time) space stations, rocks and asteroids as we get closer.
Approaching a planet, the detail increases and more things are generated as we get closer, terrain, rock formations, buildings and trees
When we land and walk about smaller plants, rocks, animals and grass are generated, all relative to our position. When we go back into space and onto the next system, all the generated stuff we saw is thrown away and converted back to algorithms.
Now I’m no progen expert so my use of the word algorithm may be wrong but technically nothing is there until we are there, it’s all just numbers and data but i like the thought of it all being there :+1:

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I believe you are both right.
Much of the game is mapped by placing a mix of predesigned imagery (mixed by proc.gen) on top of a landscape which is mostly proc.gen. but its all governed by algorithms.
The critters are in place upon loading and the skeleton structures (of the area you cannot see beyond your charaters veiw horizon) are already in place. As you move about, the structures and items materialise.
The areas have algorithms that control the apearance of items but the critters are governed by a different set of rules. Therefore it is possible to move through several sectors of terrain and have the ‘missing’ critter not show up because the algorithm for rare critters limits its creation. It’s out there somewhere, you just need to stumble across it.
Those tiny floating jellyfish are so easy to miss.


The seeds for which ones will spawn are fixed, but that too, can be edited. But the actual creatures that spawn in front of you are created on the go, have no persistence at all, and are generated (or not) at the end of a very long list of other stuff. It’s not that it’s a bad thing… makes perfect sense before “multiplayer hunting” begins to be something you want.
Personally, got no issue finding all creatures… I can fine tune the simulation parameters, but not everybody can. PS3 version being better optimized probably makes it so that you can end up finding (giving chance to spawn) almost anytime, but on certain computers, the pc-port (there, I said it) on many, not so complex, planets: fails to spawn all creatures.

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“Spawn” means create from non-existence.
Display is the act of showing you what’s already there.

ProcGen displays objects that already “exist” due to formulas and the original universe “seed.”

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