Exocraft Modification Bug

PC Experimental- Normal- New Save
Decals are not working in the Exocraft Modification. Color changes work just not decals. Not matter which I select, there is no change.
Another funny issue. I have large butterflies at my base. When they fly under my Roamer, they lift it off the ground. :smile:


That’s one of the most magical bugs there ever were.

Have not got to exocraft on new playthrough but very close. Will chime in with whatever I find when I do.


This has been there for as long as exocraft, actually. I think they just tweaked havoc parameters to get as good a drive model as they wanted, but not for realism. As a result, the exocraft seem to have basically no mass. Any animal can lift them up or flip them over. Unless you’re sitting in it, then they just instantly die as soon as they touch it…


Oh no! Does that still happen?!

That was a thing that made me decide (happily) to explore on foot and call my ship when it got too far out of range.