[ETARC HUB]: CSFD Address reporting


Galaxy: Thorettac
Region: Kruinagne Adjunct
System: CSFD-Gohalip II-GB-ZIG
DTC: 3299
SBC: 0801:007D:0807:00E4

  1. CSFD-Irishijonan-7-GB-ZIG, Rocky, Clear weather


Galaxy: Nuponoparau
Region: Azkodya
System: CSFD-Ahrtanaa-GB-ZIG
DTC: 3171
SBC: 07FA:007E:07F8:0014

  1. CSFD-Hefeicheongm-GB-ZIG, Tropical, water world
  2. CSFD-Haealazayua-GB-ZIG, Arid extreme heat
  3. CSFD-Mematacky IG297-GB-ZIG, hot

[ETARC HUB]: Citizen Science Frontiers Division CSFD

:clap: :clap: :clap: :tada: :tada: :tada: Zsigmond!


I call this commitement!
Congrats @zsigmond!


A post was merged into an existing topic: [ECSD HUB]: ECSFD Address reporting… After NEXT


Question for the ETARC Hub in general and specifically @zsigmond regarding this topic. Do you all wish to continue this topic, or prefer to start a new topic for continued reporting with NEXT?

Feel free to create a new topic of course and I can move the new NEXT reports to it. In case you wish to continue this topic, let me know so I can move it out of the Archive. I personally prefer to see a new, using this one merely for lookup (archive), considering the fast amount of changes with NEXT.


do as you want, since most of the info would be changed and no telling if the planets have been renamed/lost due to BULLSHIT of Hello Games.


I have spend some time at the CSFDs HQ planet. The name was wrong for a time, but has since reverted back to the name I gave it. So, hopefully they are trying.

Dev, I am with Zig, If you want us to that is okay. I’ll make a New/NEXT reporting topic and CSFD home Topic. Give me a week.


I’d say go ahead @Sir_oops and create a new topic for new addresses to be reported, similar to the one you created for this. Please reply here when you have done so, so I can then merge @zsigmond’s report to the new location.

Thank you both for the response :heart:


Okay, it is up

New Reporting Location


Thank you @Sir_oops. You may however want to change the title for the new topic to not say ‘After’, as NEXT is current :wink:

@zsigmond: I merged your first NEXT report with the new topic


ok, thanks, will be adding more in a bit