ETARC - A Brief History of the Forum and the Hub


I was busy today, wasn’t able to make it there earlier. I’ll try later. I did have a lot of trouble with discoveries yesterday on PC, as the server was down all day for me. I was teleporting through a bunch of stations looking for tech. None of the systems, including Etarcia and my Atlas Rises normal & survival home systems, seemed to be loading any pre-Next registered discoveries. Have to see what happens when the servers are back up… they seemed much more stable recently, I wonder what happened.


Was hanging out at Edison with @frozenbullet7, @toddumptious, and @Mad-Hatter. Mad and I are kind of trying to start a trend. Light towers.



So, I got thinking it would be cool if all Etarcians made a small light tower as there base, instead of one city.

disclaimer: On a longer session at Edison weird stuff started happening. Ships stuck mid air, All bases there said they belonged to the same person. One game freeze, lag. I think this was related to random pop-ins and building in my freighter.


Maybe our old capital is haunted. :ghost:
Beware! Beware!
Build ye a light tower shrine in remembrance then be gone. :ghost:


I had those frozen ships in mid-air once as well. You should try shooting one :wink:


I already have a tall pole setup at my base. Guess I’m placing a light on top😀
It is a mock amatuer radio antenna. And I named my base ‘KF4LDP HAM SHACK’.


You think I didn’t? :grin::grin: Pew pew! They disappeared. what happen when you shot them?

@Finnerty, that would make cents too. Thats why I named mine Gruffham’s light. A homage to @Emily, @Gruffham, and Edison, but it is all powered on AC :wink: .

:thinking: We should put a Wardenclyffe (Tesla) Tower at one pole, and a Edison tower at the other. AC/DC, The ziggurats of Etarica!


Happy to join in and convert to a tower! Will have to play up soon. I feared my connection was causing the problem with the ships but speed test went well. Hoping to get on tonight, always a good time. P.S. thanks for the glass!


I spent some, but I 'll get you some more. We could portal to @Marky’s base. I made a large refiner in my freighter, so we can convert silver if we have too.

update: we don’t need a larger refiner for one ingredient, but we have it if we need it.


When I shot them, they all came to life to go after me! It was a trap obviously …


“Don’t follow the lights! Or travelers will go down to join the dead ones, and light little candles of their own” - Gollum


@Sir_oops the bases having wrong name applied to them or to all of them has been present since NEXT launched, it can get very confusing at times :joy:

Light towers look really good, must build one when I’m back in the game :slight_smile:


Yes please help yourself. The farm is almost finished to produce 50 circuit boards.

It was getting a bit laggy so I built a base next door and split the farm up.

As you come out of the portal there’s Frosites and Cactus. Next door you’ll find Solanium and Star Bulbs.


Home sick today from work. Will get to building a lighthouse somewhere nearby, also making a little shelter near you @Sir_oops.


Cool, If you need some units there was some pearls on the cliff above and behind your base, not sure if they will be there for you. Beware the sentinels are not keen on anyone picking them. Feel better.


I found the Solanium, harvested it all. Now I am encumbered and had to stay the night.:grin: I saw the Star Bulbs. I didn’t see the Frosites and Cactus base. I think you can only have one base per planet uploaded. I may have missed them, I’ll recheck. Sure doesn’t look like you pictures anymore, bigger, beautiful planet.:sunglasses:

Now, What to do with all that Solanium?:thinking:


Ahh that’s not good then, the original base is built around the portal.

When I get home I’ll upload the frostie base again and see if that shows up instead.


That’s nice of you. Thx :smiling_face_with_three_hearts:

Then if the other base disappears we will know.


Other base will disappear if they upload a different one but only if you are playing alone (a limit of one base upload per planet) . If you play together you will still see all their bases :wink:

Last time I tested this out, discovery services were still very flakey so it took a while for somebody’s new base upload to show up on my end during solo play so it may not take effect immediately or even for a day or two though loading in and out of the system may force a recheck sooner.


I’ve re-done the base now so it’s all on one base now. Still 50 circuit boards to be harvested.


Wow!!!:star_struck: I’ll visit soon.