Einstein’s 103 year old Theory of Relativity proven


As of June 21, 2018 a scientific endeavor pointed the Hubble telescope at a galaxy 500 million light years away and finally proved Albert Einstein’s 103 year old Theory of Relativity. I saved the picture that proved it as my phones background .
“It works!” Relativity article on the 06/21/2018 proof.

Echo-64 Numbers
Echo-64 Numbers

Awesome stuff!


I could have sworn I’d already read about this (or something similar) and searched like crazy for the article. This is dated February of 2016.


Well, parts of the theory were proven over and over since its inception. The detection of gravitational waves last year mentioned above was probably one of the strongest, proving that general relativity was not just a useful mathematical model, but did model spacetime in a way that must be very close to reality.


Reality? Never assume we’re not living in a vast simulation. :crazy_face: