Drop Pod Navigation Data - Increasing slot space

I thought this was eye-popping to find. If you haven’t yet built an exocar to find drop pods scattered around planets, finding Drop Pod navigation co-ordinate data is the next best thing. They’re used with the signal booster.

Make sure to check Trading Posts when you arrive on a planet or the Space Station Terminals or Minor Settlements. They may or may not have Drop Pods for sale. Goodness knows where I found this. It was in a galaxy far from Euclid so no much use generally to those starting the game. But I’m sure similar finds exist in Euclid.


If I had found this when starting a new game save mode, I’d have purchased the whole lot to unlock the slots as soon as I could. Ah well that’s life! :smiley:


Although not very common, store-bought Drop Pod data does pop up from time to time. I’ve found it at Space Stations & (I think) at Minor Settlements (the small NPC bases with landing pads).
Asking for directions from NPCs also sometimes provides a Drop Pod location.