Cooking Catalogue

Thanks to @Timsup2nothin , I have decided to try and complete the cooking catalogue. I will bring his observations over from the necroed thread( (but leaving @jedidia s “the kid burning”)it’s a joke about roasted goat. Don’t hate me)
Anyway, here is a link to the NMS wiki

I decided to start by gathering basic ingredients that I have yet to add to the catalogue. However, I have run into an issue. Foraged Mushrooms. They are supposed to come from turtle or mole-like burrowing fauna. Like this guy

I can throw it a pellet and it eats it. It will follow me around with adorable begging eyes wanting more, but I can not interact with it in any way.
Has anyone found another one of these types of critters that can be interacted with? I don’t recall ever being able to.


So I know I am resurrecting a long dead zombie thread here, but it came up on my search for “No Man’s Sky Food” and the information was useful…and I have something to add.

This does not meet the “no gathering required” criteria, but I think it is something almost everyone would consider worth doing. That is, almost everyone that pops eggs at abandoned buildings to get units, which I think most people do at least now and then.

Cooking larval sacs into omelettes can add almost 50% to their value. A stack of five sacs worth about 350,000 units becomes five parasitic omelettes (best I have found so far) worth over 500,000 units with a minimal effort. The time invested in the 150,000 improvement is very small compared to the time invested in gathering the sacs in the first place, so this just seems too good to pass up. Plus, while my standard cargo slot only holds five sacs it looks like it will hold fifty omelettes. I haven’t filled it yet so that may be off a bit.

To make parasitic omelettes cook faecium into yeast and whatever milk is convenient that cooks into protocream into that. Protomilk or Craw Milk both work. Cook the yeast and protocream together to make protocheese, then cook that with the larval sacs.

Regular cream made from wild milk processes the same way but makes whispering omelettes. They are also a good profit over the raw larval sacs and it is worth doing if you have no access to better milk.


If I had known you were hungry I’d have saved you a parasitic omelette. I just sold off a three million unit stack.

So, I have something else to add to the conversation here; a good rule of thumb. Omelettes are the example it derived from.

Cronus rewards nanites when he is fed. How many nanites is a random “how impressed he is” modified by the “complexity” of the dish; complexity determined by the number of processes involved. This is where we look at omelettes.

To make an omelette we start with milk, process into cream, add yeast that was processed from faecium to process into cheese, then process the cheese with some egg and we get an omelette. Four processes. The key point being that it takes the same four processes no matter what kind of omelette we make. Which means that the nanite rewards when we shovel omelettes into Cronus’ cavernous maw will be the same no matter what the omelettes are worth in units.

That value in units can vary by a whole lot, because it derives from the value of the ingredients. At the base where I am playing with this I have three kinds of milk and three kinds of eggs. Wild milk makes regular cream and tangy cheese…and regular omelettes that are worth some thousands of units. Proto milk makes omelettes that are worth about 30% more, which is hundreds of units in most cases. But when we use larval sacs we are talking about omelettes that are around a hundred thousand units, and 30% makes a huge difference.

So here is the rule of thumb:

If you want nanites, use all the cheapest ingredients. If I use valuable protocheese to upgrade an omelette made from cheap eggs it basically wastes that protocheese. That’s fine if protomilk is as easy or easier to get than wild milk, but at least in my current case it isn’t.


I suggest leading the diggerbeast down a steep slope, then turning and trying to interact with it while it is above you. No promises, but based on where the “sweet spot” has been on some of the larger creatures I’ve been feeding I am thinking that maybe you just can’t approach them because the actual target on the model is underground.