Co-op Team missing starter base pieces

My son is co-op with 3 friends. They all came to his planet to build individual bases…4 bases…1 planet. The only one of them who had all the initial wooden base pieces is the first one who built a base. The other 3 did not get the initial pieces until they finally got the Blueprint Analyzer.
Not sure if this is a glitch or not.


I think I saw parts of this with the bugged work around (restart joining a game) formy older game save bug.

I would be very interested if the base computer and blueprint analyzers are eventually available from a joined game.

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Yes, they did eventually all get the base computer and bp analyzer. It took a really long time. They spent the time blasting sentinel walkers until everyone had what they needed to start building their own bases. So far, everything has worked. They have has some interesting issues but they are usually fixed by jumping out then back in.