Christmas is coming / Ready to reach the stars!🌟


How funny would it be if we could catch the Astronauts on Mars with our telescope’s


Well, by the time there are astronauts on Mars, maybe we will have that capability, lol. It would be mind-blowing just to see the lunar rover on the moon, but that is not possible either. Some things we have to leave to the rovers and the satellites. :wink:


Here is collimation in case anyone would like to know.


I wish he just showed it step by step instead of all the side context, i lose track of what i need to do :frowning:


Do you have an easier vid?


or this is just too advanced for me right now


Don’t worry about it yet. I know what he is talking about and I still can’t collimate, lol. :scream:
Just be very careful with your scope. Took mine to a local star club and had someone do it for me last time. So sad…I really must master this. :face_with_raised_eyebrow:


Well, i do am gonna try this myself, even that i have no knowledge of scope’s at all, what if it actually works lol you never know !


But i am a bit scared of messing my scope up on day one lol


You will not need to do this day one! Take good care of the scope and don’t bang it around. It will be okay. Not even sure the tabletop scope can be collimated…will take a look at mine.


Here is my tabletop. Yes it can be collimated…sigh…really got to work on that. :crazy_face:

And here is an explanation of focal length and how to choose the right eyepiece. I hope you like math. Sorry, I can’t seem to rotate the pic.


Cool so we’re going to have the exact same tabletop, nice

SkyScanner squadddddddddd


(not that it matters) :stuck_out_tongue:


Also, your picture is really high res


Yes. I love the pics my phone takes. Works well in the dark too. :sunglasses:


back to that Skyscanner telescope, my shop that sells it offer’s a star guide, now this is quality


@sheralmyst Do you think its actually possible? Seeing the Astronauts on the moon from the Orion Skyscanner?



NASA’s Webb Telescope


No. Not possible.


I’ve never fully understood the scale of space. My thinking is if we can see license plates on cars from space with satellites, through hundreds of miles of earth atmosphere, surely we can see a rover on the moon with one of those massive telescopes NASA uses to see Pluto. :space_invader: