Carbon Planters Not Working

I’ve got a room full of carbon planters on my freighter and some on a couple of bases. none of them are working anymore although they could be classed as outside at the bases.

Just wondering if anyone has working carbon planters :slight_smile:


There appear to be some issues with planters and hydrophonic trays in general. They require power and usually work if the room itself has power.

As a workaround, some found that attaching a ‘Coloured Light’ wired up to power gets a tray to work. Not sure that will work on Standing Planters, but worth a shot?


Thanks, that’ll do as a workaround :slight_smile:

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I tried getting the Standing Planters to work on my freighter, but no luck. I thought the patch notes for Beyond mentioned them being ‘restored’, so I assumed they had now become available to us all (not just pre-NEXT). I guess them not providing resources anymore on a freighter is a bug.


On the freighter, when I scan the planter the growing time counter starts to count down, but resets to 10min every time I re-check. One of those ones that’ll get sorted a bit down the line.

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I found on my pre-BEYOND save (PS4) that many but not all coloured lights on my Command Ship were rendered non functional.
They cannot be connected using wire but simply placing a new light works fine…
Could you place a large planter and put a light on it to make it work, like @DevilinPixy mentions or are they simply not functioning at all?


I did try putting a coloured light on a standing planter in my freighter, but saw no growth. Maybe I was not around long enough to notice, but I don’t think it works on a freighter at least. Have not tried a light on a large tray in my freighter though …

It’s funny how distant LOD shows the standing planters fully grown :slight_smile:
We’ll have to do with a ‘distant memory’ for now.


I put down the cube metal box and the door that suppose to attach does not.
It appears that there is no compatibility with different parts.
Oh well.