Boundless: A new open-world sandbox game with planet-sized planets

I hope Hello Games will be ok with me posting this here. They are usually all about supporting other indie developers.

Boundless is a new open-world MMO sandbox game that uses block voxels like Minecraft and planet-sized planets like No Man’s Sky. The servers support hundreds of players simultaneously who can build whole cities and civilizations together.

Here is an intro video I did about it:


NMS doesn’t really have planet-sized planets, though. They are more like the size of a small moon (and I think they’ve gotten a little smaller with NEXT… would make sense, since that higher LOD from Orbit probably eats quite a bit more memory).
I’m not dissing the game, the planets are still large enough to create the illusion of being planet sized, so I’m fine with that, and “planet-sized” is somewhat of a relative term anyways, but something like the size of earth (which, admittedly, is a pretty big planet, at least in the terrestrial range) is quite a bit larger than anything NMS could reasonably throw at you. In terms of area, I’d guess we’re talking one or two orders of magnitude at least.