Backpack stuffing for portal traveling and general exploration


What would be your recommendations for stockpiling resources for long portal backpacking/general traveling, without frequent visits to trading posts and etc.?


I take lots of marrow bulbs and iron to make Geobays. Lots of Plutonium to fuel my exocraft and multitool, and carbon for power gel (already have the plutonium).

Once I have an exocraft, I don’t need to worry too much about environmental hazards. I can jump back in my car, and let my hazard protection recharge itself, and I can outrun vexatious sentinels.

I don’t find I really need anything else - or if I do, I can generally find it along the way.


Are your warp drive upgrades in the safe place of the ‘new’ starship technology slots? If not, as much as possible of the stuff you need to repair them. Gold, frost crystals, nickel.

Deflection shield theta (?) needs a dimensional matrix to repair, and they seem to be scarcer than before.



Dimensional matrix’s can be obtained from most if not all level 3 sentinels (the attack dog ones) I believe


Cheers, that makes sense with the other ones’ neutrino modules. I usually just think ‘Ah, f*ck it, I’m outta here’ when they turn up.


So tidy, I need to take note. :face_with_monocle:


1.1 Billion Units! Thanks Awesome!! :money_mouth_face:


For general ship traveling I take:
Warp cells to recharge for the return trip.
A few ship slots of Iron & Zinc for fuel and repairs.
1 ship slot of Plutonium.
1 suit slot of Thamium.
If I intend on using an exo, I’ll also take the premade makings of a Geobay and extra Plutonium. {For really deep cratered and ravine littered landscapes I’ve found the Nomad to be the most user friendly}.

While farming at home base I often go Carbon, Plutonium & Iron shooting in my Roamer. Carbon I use as quick and easy planter fuel for my downstairs non-priority crops. Plutonium & Iron are purely for the craft that need it to travel.
To get Marrow Bulbs easily, I plough through tunnels clearing all the iron pillars and stuff with an exo, which leaves the bulbs ripe for the vaporizing. Makes Voltaic Cells less of a clambering chore.


Wow! Do I understand correctly, that now ship’s tech slots are safe to place warp drive upgrades and:

  1. jump distance would be counted correctly
  2. tech will not be damaged by jumping into black hole


Thank you all for your advices!

Going to fill up the rest slots with iron, plutonium and additional volume of geobay parts.

After getting all freighter’s warp drive upgrades, I switched to freighter warping most of the times.
For jumping black holes, I use my explorer ship, which has no upgrades installed.


I think so. I’ve not yet had anything in the tech slots get busted.


“How did I ever expect to get back? One pellet, one trip, I must be out of my mind!” - Doc Brown

In regards to the High Capacity Exosuit slots, is this shielded against Pirate scans does anyone know?


High capacity slots are not shielded from scans. I regularly get attacked because of warp cells. I usually fly with my exotic ship, which has single available slot and it is always empty.


That’s a shame. I need to upgrade to rockets for my ship as soon as then. Had to do the Armourer mission yesterday where you have to go into space and take out sentinels. My poor hauler was no match for them. I had to lure them into the atmosphere to finish them off. Then I get attacked by pirates wanting my Rubeum and had to lose them in an asteroid field. “They’d be crazy to follow us wouldn’t they?”


I’ve heard that sentinels are quite strong in this quest. I jumped to space station and exited to meet them there. Immediately after sentinels freighter arrival, I made enough distance, so that freighter lasers do not reach me and sentinels are just coming in pairs one after another. Then it was very easy. After finishing proper amount of ships, I just landed back to space station, ignoring all damage from freighter/ships, that were left.


Thats what I do too…especially because I can’t find the starship’s regular theta warp upgrade, I just have the freighter upgrades. I carry 1000 extra of each metal (gold, copper, aluminum) in my freighter incase I need to upgrade one of my ships or fix damaged upgrades before a space fight.