Astroneer is fully released and now on PS4 too!

Astroneer is a space game with a gameplay loop very similar to No Man’s Sky (resource gathering, building, multiple planets). After being in early access on PC and Xbox since 2016, it finally got fully released this year (2019) and just came to PS4 in November. Below are my videos on the game. Feel free to discuss the game here.


I’ve been playing Astroneer since it first went into early access and if you think it’s confusing now… lol

I think you did very well for the first time. I agree the tutorial could be better. I found that if I stopped and looked around a lot at each step, including behind me, and try to make a connection with what the last step in the tutorial was, take a deep breath, that it went better for me.

The canisters are for collecting soil for use in the terrain manipulator. You fill them by sucking up the ground and you unfill them by using the tool to add soil to the ground… They are an essential item. I often have two to four on me, but I also build platforms to keep resources on.

I did the tutorial three times before I felt competent enough to continue. I found that very helpful before starting a new game. But you can also do the tutorial again at any time with a new toon.

Thanks for sharing this video and good luck on your first foray into the game. You did well. :heart:


I’ve been an early release user too, mostly out of curiosity. The figures are more “plastic-looking” and the universe pint-sized compared to No Man’s Sky, but the game can be fun. OTOH, the multiplayer gameplay videos I’ve seen all seem like disorganized “do your own thing” behaviors.

I’m not sure that the No Man’s Sky Atlas CSD forums are the best place for a discussion of a different game, though.


It’s fine to discuss other things here as long as it is under the proper heading. I have a thread for news about new games.