Ancient Missions

Not sure why they did this but tried

I’m sorry, but in all honesty, I have no idea what you are talking about… What are ancient missions, where did you get slaves to refill your planters and when did the weapons guy ever offer you a multi-tool? Like, I’m seriously confused here, I never encountered any of those things.

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The armorer offers a multitool now when his quests are over. The overseer, farmer, scientist and exo aliens offer daily missions.

Don’t know about the slave labor thing

Edit: the scientist isn’t really a daily mission, but he will ask for different scans once a day, which will reward nanites


I’m very confused. Is this something added in an experimental update? I am not aware of any servant who recharges your planters. Also the post-main-missions for your specialists are just never ending procgen fetch quests and the rewards are intentionally lacklustre, kinda how you get miserable units from stock market transfers in game etc (the games got this meta narrative on rat maze mechanics popularly shoehorned into most AAA games these days, I could write a thirty page document on the origins of this and how it’s perverted and warped enjoyable gameplay experiences but let’s not get into that.)

As for the inferior multitool, the multitool offeeings you get from NPCs are procgen based on the current systems seed and a bit of RNG, so most times they’ll present you with a multitool inferior to your current, it’s just the nature of the game.

Again we could dismantle the point they’re making about it being about the journey and not the destination, that it’s not about having the best stuff and accumulating riches (a point missed by most at launch that they felt they had to hammer it over our heads with artemis, apollo and null) and its about the experience you create for yourself and with others but again I could talk all day about that and I’m getting sidetracked.

What is this indentured servant? That’s where my confusion lies. Is it something the farmer said to you? Remember, the text is all just flavour or fluff for your own role-playing purposes, it doesn’t imply there are game mechanics that reflect what they’re saying. That’s the only thing I can think of you might have meant.

As for quicksilver, you only get this during community events, not from base specialists or any other missions.

Sorry I can’t answer all your questions and queries but if you can elaborate on some of it I’ll do my best :slight_smile:

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Interesting. Never did that for me, but then again, the last quest is still stuck in my log with the entry “return to the armorer” and never goes away, so that one probably just bugged out.

I’m aware of that. Are those the “ancient missions” the OP is talking about? If so, we’re probably just bumping our heads on a language barrier.

This makes me rather think of ancient ruins, and that ChewyWeAreNotHome is of the impression that they should somehow be linked to the community events, which they are not.

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I think he means the green rewards you get from the overseer and farmer -

Are these what you mean @ChewyWeAreNotHome

Atlas-65 Archaeological Society

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Well, that’s not really much more helpful :smile:
If you have problems, please try to describe them a bit better. We’re willing to help if we can.

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