An Ode to Snappies, Clappies & Puffies


Hmm don’t mind my comment @sheralmyst and @Mad-Hatter, but I am almost sure that snappies bite a little stronger !
Welcome to you Clappies! :clap:

Ps. Changed the topic title by adding them if nobody minds!


What do you call the third exploding kind? And the poisonous ones in caves?


We don’t talk about those… :zipper_mouth_face: They could be listening.


Well, they explode rather than snap at you and do not have the variety snappies have, which is why this thread was started. Snappies are also very stealthy, camouflaging themselves with rocks and plants. I am not sure Clappies will exhibit the same traits which is a shame. I like the sneaky Snappies. We could use more sentient plants like them.


The ones in caves I call Puffballs and the the new exploding ones I call Pimple-sprouts or Poppers.
As @sheralmyst mentioned…none of the newer ones exhibit the diversity of the original Snappy…but I like them all anyway.
Come one, come all I say. Who knows what the newer ones might evolve into.


On this we can all agree

Mustard Snappy


Does it seem that the Snappie Invasion has died off? The ones that suddenly appeared around my base have now vanished…maybe Clappies eat Snappies…:grinning:


Not sure but mine vanished too.
I did have a Knowledge Stone grow at my front door though… that was kind of weird. :roll_eyes:


So clappies are essentially natural landmines… If you drive over them, they snap shut and stop you dead in your tracks… :smile:


Thank you for your sacrifice. We will start a Clappie Awareness Fund in your honor. :smile:


Well, fortunately they don’t have the damage potential of a geo-cannon, so the sacrifice was minimal.


I noticed the same, all of a sudden a Knowledge Stone in my back yard, where I am sure there never was one before.


It seems snappy breeding numbers had gotten too high throwing the local ecosystem out of whack. I guess they introduced new species to the habitat to balance things out. Perhaps the clappy is the natural predator for the snappy :joy:

The bad news is, that four leafed snappy might have become even rarer now :astonished:


Budding friendships


Uh oh…the Clappies are starting to learn from the Snappies…this one caught me off guard. :scream:


I’m looking for the above ground trifecta - Snappie clappie and gassie

Edit for gassie


I think it would be cool if clappies were slightly underground so it was easier to miss them and aim for the bait. :japanese_ogre:
My pet snappy I posted a few days ago with its garden light,turned into a Pimple-sprout. :frowning_face:
Also I have another one under my base that regenerates everytime I go away :angry:

The Visions update has brought with it a slight dystopian feel with many planets getting uglier colouring* and more ‘weeds’. :grin:

*depending on your taste


So now we have Snappies, Clappies, and Poppers. Hmm… Snap, Clap, Pop…

Rice Krispies, anybody?


They’re working on it…

I swear they get closer together every time I turn my back :sweat_smile:


I guess the title should be edited again. An ode to snappers ,clappers and puffers, :smile: or snappies, clappies and puffies…:grin:

Purple People Eater