Activated Portal Requires Recharging

On my Legacy Save (PS4) I’m finding my local portal will revert to its uncharged state if I leave it.
It can be recharged easily but requires all the materials all over again every time. Sometimes the portal is still ‘running’ on its previously dialed address, other times it’s dormant.
Not game-breaking but is a quite annoying.

During Atlas Rises, this save had the Portal Interface Bug where unattended portals would become inoperable. This may be a carry over from that bug.

Edit: reported to Zendesk.


This may sound strange but, is the portal properly resting on the ground? I had this happen once, and at the time the portal appeared to have spawned on not-fully-loaded terrain. It was raised about 3-4 feet higher than normal and never readjusted when the ground finally loaded properly. I reloaded the game and it was working normal again.

Yes. All looks normal but the interface ‘forgets’ it’s already been opened.

Just a follow up.
My portal still requires powering up for every use. If I leave the proximity it remains locked on the last portal address or shuts down completely, requiring the glyphs to be recharged next visit.


I’m not sure if this is relevant but I set down a base at the side of my open portal and it’s the only portal I use since NEXT, and the portals of course for the community event each week.

Ever since I created a base at that portal, its always open.

Hope this helps.

Happy Traveling.

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Actually, my portal is working ok now.
The one I use for community events stays jammed on Polo’s co-ordinates…or it was. I haven’t checked in the past few days.

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