A No Man's Sky joke

A Vy’keen, Gek and Korvax are in the maternity unit of their local star base hospital.

They look on with pride at their new-borns: one baby wears a blue pressure suit and matching helmet with rectangular visor. The other two babies are wrapped in blankets; one has slightly wide lips, the other has the merest hint of a beak.

The midwife apologises to them saying, ‘Due to a mix up we didn’t put identity bracelets on them at birth, so we’re not sure which belongs to whom.’

The Vy’keen, says, ‘I’ll take charge here,’ as he heads over the baby wearing the pressure suit, helmet and visor. ‘This one’s coming home with me.’

‘Buy the beard of Sean Murry,’ the Korvax jumps in, ‘that baby is clearly mine.’

‘I know,’ says the Vy’keen, ‘but one of those poor buggers is Gek and I’m taking no chances.’