Verizon Gaming

What do we know of this concept? - Quietly fade away into an otherwise digital graveyard?

Verizon Gaming teased No Man’s Sky! - But I’ll assume it was probably just a placeholder.

Verizon is currently conducting alpha testing of Verizon Gaming, a game streaming service that would represent a major new initiative for the home and mobile internet giant. The Verge can report that Verizon Gaming is already up and running on the Nvidia Shield set-top box and will, according to the company’s documentation, eventually make its way to Android smartphones. In either usage scenario, the service can be played using a paired Xbox One controller. Verizon has not publicly advertised Verizon Gaming or even really acknowledged its existence.

Observe the date, January 2019. - Whatever became of this initiative? :thinking: Do we know?

That… seems odd. Cloud streaming for games is an extremely difficult problem, but at mostly a higher level than an ISP usually works at. I don’t see them having any of the expertise and experience that would be required to pull something like this off. So I’d guess that, yes, the project was canned after some initial prototypes. Whowever they got the idea to do something like this is beyond me, though…