Todd - A Journey Through Pictures -

I finally got an external HDD and I’ve transferred ALL my NMS photos from my ps4 to my pc. Overall, theres 1,720 photos for me to work through, from Aug 10th 2016 to the present day. I’m slowly working through them and I’ll update this topic with a new batch as I work through them.

The most interesting thing I’ve gleemed from working through the first batch is, how much this game has evolved and changed since launch and I’m glad I took so many pictures as it brought a lot of great memories back!

The first few batches of pictures are gonna be a bit HUD heavy as it was before there was such a thing as a photo mode…

Let’s begin, shall we?

00:47:01 - 10/08/2016

01:43:52 - 10/08/2016
My first Planet… I grew up in a village called Rathcoole, so I dubbed this planet Raj’Khul

21:17:25 - 10/08/2016
My first systems

00:35:11 - 11/08/2016
The first Monolith

16:50:13 - 11/08/2016
My first Atlas station, I sorta bastardised “ATlas Shrugged” for the lone planet next to it

19:16:19 - 11/08/2016
The first time I fell through a planet and saw an “End of the World Sun”

22:39:56 - 11/08/2016
The First moon I came across (Thats No Moon!!)

00:23:57 - 12/08/2016
My first Window shot

02:29:27 - 12/08/2016
This Cactus was very welcoming

02:34:46 - 12/08/2016
My second Window shot

15:08:53 - 12/08/2016
My First Death

19:55:48 - 12/08/2016
My first Crash Site

20:23:26 - 12/08/206
First ship purchase

20:34:59 - 12/08/2016
First Butterfly

21:56:57 - 12/08/2016
My First Abomination/Grotesque (Eatsoupeveryday!)

02:30:58 - 13/08/2016
My First Li’l Mister (also, first time coming across those bossom/butt plants. hence the planet name!)

02:40:46 - 13/08/2016
My first Aerial Photo

17:34:37 - 13/08/2016
My first Hellscape

18:05:10 - 13/08/2016
My first Bambi (Planet named for red star and aesthetic, Roxanne (Red Light), if you’re at all familiar with The Police)

18:32:17 - 13/08/2016
More window visage

20:16:11 - 13/08/2016
Remember when you used to have to kill winged mammals just so theyd stay still long enough for you to scan?!

20:44:10 - 13/08/2016
First time noticing an atlas station and a space station from planetside (Calimarki is a moon of Marks Bounce House)

03:27:40 - 14/08/2016
My First Maw

04:02:21 - 14/08/2016
My First Extreme Planet

14:43:34 14/08/2016
This Travellers first Trinity (Or, holy shit it’s death stranding, HI HIDEO!)

15:26:04 - 14/08/2016
My First Jungle-esque Vista

01:05:38 - 20/08/2016
Aeons Watch

17:46:02 - 20/08/2016
My second purchased ship, my third in total

20:03:14 - 20/08/2016
I thought this guy looked like he was having an existential crisis

14:46:50 - 21/08/2016
Staring out to sea, about to begin it’s long voyage

So these are some of the cherry picked moments from my first week or so with No mans Sky way back in August 2016. So far I’ve worked through 235 photos of the 1720, and those are just from the first week with the game! I had the whole week off work and more or less played 24/7. Photo count drops per week after that so the rest should be easier to get through, but it’s still gonna take a long time for me to get there I think :slight_smile:


So glad we don’t have to shoot the birdies any more. I love the Fluttery Buttery! And what interesting window shots. Wish I had pics of my first planet. It was so very nice. Never have found anything else like it.


Excellent idea! You made me look back through my first week in August 2016 and I still love version 1.0 and those early days!!! I’m not ashamed to say I have over 4000 pics now!