Through The Window. photos


I think I spotted on front of a shop newspaper (in hindsight, most likely a website, tabloids don’t cover anything that isn’t gossipy) this morning he has been spotted alive and well :slight_smile:


Yes…just made the main news…so pleased hope he gets picked up … a fab ethical explorer



Sooooo Blue…love it…well spotted


Just another … from inside a single base window…I love the compexity of these forms…


Blue Marble


My Uber is here

(Does this count as a through the window photo?)


I say yes. Anytime you use the landscape, building, etc, to completely frame something I feel it counts.


Yes very much so …bit scary I think!


A new “looking out” type photo – a cool idea. Some caves have a smaller circular entrance – ripe for “looking out” photos too.


Has anyone heard from @Linshell? She said she was going into hospital. Hope she is ok.


No, no news :frowning_face:



I was only thinking this the other day, with all this Aussie flu business I can’t help but worry. I’m sure she’s just taking time to recover, it can be difficult sometimes to get back to regular socialising after a bad bout with your health.


Some window pictures I got tonight…




Hey this planet looks pretty hearty like!

Awesome pictures!


Ever since I found this thread, I’ve been paying a lot more attention to the view through different windows.

Here’s one I got tonight on a space station…


Another space station window


I took this back in September but forot about it until now. I’d just landed and run in to scavenge and this was what was outside. Had been meaning to upload for a long time to this thread.


Just prior to the 1.3 drop.