The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


Walking through Trinity College (after an incredible talk by Catherine Corless, live streamed for anyone interested ), found some metal fingers in the wild but alas, I had left my multitool at home :pensive:


Always figured a squid would make a great submarine.


That’s a nice rotten watermelon


…there’s a creature in my cockpit…kzzzt…


“Everybody knows that Nomads are outdated now…”

Five seconds later…


I’m pretty sure the sentinels would have been on to you really fast! :smile:


Caught myself mid teleport and realised the horrible truth we face every time we enter our ship…


What a terrible way to go. :scream:


I have not been in 1st person in a long time but, was having trouble finding this one moon so I went into 1st person to check my radar. Then I went into photo mode which never used to work from inside a ship…this is what I got.

I assumed I was sitting in a comfy seat in my ship but I must have been mistaken.


Origin story ? Parallel universe API ? or like the camera Imp in the Discworld, maybe they live inside each mobile device…


Spoiler for the next update?


Friends of the space whale is one of my favourite contractors for missions, they’ve been there since missions were introduced,theres lots of little In jokes and nods to the community like that in the client names :slight_smile:


Photo mode allowed me to dive deeper for this angle


Re: Metal Fingers in the wild … cool! I find that I see things IRL that make me think of No Man’s Sky. The word “Atlas” anywhere, for example. Or “traveler.”

I saw an unusual sunset one day. My very first thought was, “Wow! That would look great in No Man’s Sky!” :smiley:




He is thinking, If I just walk away real casual-like, they will never know it was me.


Fairly certain there is another shelter here…

Found it!

But I can’t open the door and use my TM at the same time.


And I found where all those mysterious “Big Balls” disappear to.


Too close.