The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


Not to mention the two pink twins in the background.


There was a disturbing trend in this Space Station. I conducted my business with the Trade Terminal and then quickly slipped away. :smile:


Despite there being 2 updates and more than 20 gig of data pass between me and the unfortunate glitches of the past… I sometimes feel that the crack in reality follows me.
Can I borrow some glue maybe? :grin:


Not sure if duct tape jokes are a thing in other parts of the world but around here, we fix everything with duct tape.
If duct tape doesn’t hold it together, you aren’t using enough. :smile:


Duct tape jokes are a thing everywhere :grin




I remember when I was a kid, in the 1950s, it was Duck Tape. When I became an apprentice engineer, it was Duck Tape.

It only became Duct Tape later. Around the 1970s - when large-scale air conditioning started to be a thing.

There was a variant - almost identical, but black, called Gaffer (Gaffa?) Tape. Basically the same stuff, but used by theatrical people and touring bands, to stick wires down to the stage.

These are fairly vague memories. I’m probably one of the oldest here. Can anybody else confirm?


You can certainly use it for that, but Gaffa tape is usually the thing holding the stage together in the first place.
Not being a native speaker, but having been a musician, it actually took a while to catch on that duct tape and Gaffa tape are essentially the same thing. Whenever I heard of that “Duck Tape” I always thought “what the heck is it, and how could it possibly be better than Gaffa??” :smile:


I always assumed it was Duct Tape first since it was used on duct work and then our lazy tongues, as they tend to do, slanged it into Duck…because most ppl these days are unaware of what duct work is…:roll_eyes: but perhaps I was mistaken in that assumption. :smile:


I always thought it was ‘duck tape’ growing up too, but then maturity came and thus I paid increasingly more intention to the written word, especially labels and signs (which must be read aloud in a questioning tone for all to hear).

I soon realised its just the two t’s running together, combined with various regional accents and the evolution of language meets Chinese whispers meets drunken pub discussions beside a table of apprentice electricians. And so, Duck Tape was born.

Ive always thought the word Gaffer or Gaffa was a predominantly British term and therefore, being Irish, am inherently and physically incapable of recognising or adopting it. Its a genetic thing I belive, something about an extra, mysterious, hidden ‘Z’ chromosome that befuddled the x and y chromosomes into drinking history and memory away for a brighter now and a darker tomorrow.

Now, with that aside we can get back to more pressing matters. Like discussions on the weather. Which, I am obligated to say, is fierce mild.


As I understand it @Polyphemus has it pretty much right.
Duck was the first manufacturer of a heavy duty water resistant vinal electrical tape.
Gaffer tape is similar but is fabric reinforced & the term ‘gaffer’ comes from the film & theater industry. Both come in many colours & both have their benifits.
The fabric reinforced version is useful as it tears off the roll easily & doesn’t stretch, plus the adhesive is stronger. It is generally a more durable tape but is harder to remove later.
I use both types.
Duct tape is an industrial grade, silvery coloured tape with reinforcing. Super tough but not the stuff you see on your local supermarket shelf. I believe it is possibly also conductive due to the aluminum content so would be no good for use with electrics.
These days the terms are used interchangeably and the confusion is understandable but a glance at the product easily identifies it.
I just call it ‘Gaffa’ which to me means ‘big tape’ as opposed to tbe various other tapes that might litter my work bench.


I have to jump in here and say I’ve bought DUCT tape with a picture of a DUCK on the packaging.


Oh yes, the original stuff is still available. I think the company’s been bought out by someone else, but they’re still using the original brand name.


Sorry. No Ducks, Ducts or Gaffers
… but I do have a Rude Singularity.



Nice to get the thread back on track.:grinning:


Okay so it’s kind of like how everyone says sellotape, not realising sellotape is a brand name, and not the overall term for any transparent plasticy adhesive tape.

We humans and our brand obsessions :joy:

Oops, sorry. What have I done?


That’s it. Meanwhile, back in NMS…



Failure is not an option…


Hey. Hey! You killed me. There’s no call to do THAT too!