The Lighter Side of NMS. Graphics Hiccups and Funny Pics


Stealing my thunder :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:





I don’t know if this counts, but it made ME laugh




Laughing out loud. Never too late to be born to it again :slight_smile:


So I was wandering around this planet and I happened to notice a strange slope near a structure. Turns out my landing pad was hanging in the air.

Then, I found another slope. This time burying the structure in a hill.

I tried to get inside, but the game forced me to lower my multi-tool every time I got close to the door. Sadly, this place will remain unexplored forever.


I have something similar


Moon crashed
Could also be a huuuge explosion! haha imagine!


Looks like Akira just took out Neo Tokyo :slight_smile:


hahaha that’s exactly what came into my mind: AKIRA super UPSET!



This is what the inside of your freighter looks like before it renders in the play area.

This is possible to achieve on ps4 if you enter photo mode just before your ship enters your freighter.

Crew and Deck area

this is what your freighter base looks like, it’s just like the planet side bases centre peice :slight_smile:

Stairs leading up to walkway for base/deck

I found this siamese giant in the ETARC Hub :slight_smile:


@Aldibar @JoeGattis
I found this very funny for some reason, not the thought that sentinels are anti virus but that they would have a logo.
Discord user “Duke” Whispery Whale whipped this up for my amusement


The perfect balance :sweat_smile:


HAHA!! Proof that sentinels are …EVIL?


I love the check in the eye part. Nice touch! :laughing:


Something to remember when you play


My last few hiccup pics for the Atlas Rises Era.

I may need a new exocraft.

I think I broke Mrs Mad-Hatter’s planet. Reloading doesn’t fix it :scream:

Opalized Asteroid


I sure hope the fissure does not follow you into NEXT…:scream: I wonder what Galactic Disasters await. :wink: