The Fog Tonight In Crosby

I live in a little town called Crosby. It’s on the coast, on the river approaches to the port of Liverpool.

Tonight, there is a heavy fog descening. And, from my house, I can hear the deep bass fog horns of the ships coming up the river channel. It’s very atmospheric - the darkness, the fog, and the horns booming out in the dark distance.

Just thought I would share that moment with you.


Awesome. We had very heavy fog this morning. I drove into town and had to take my time, watching for the dozens of deer driven from the woods due to very heavy rains last night and this morning. Imagine heavy fog on a narrow road lined by thick woods of pine trees and oaks. Then imagine your headlights reflecting off dozens of shining eyes and then try to decide if they are going to stay still, run back into the trees or dart across the road in front of you at the last second.
I like your atmospheric river fog better. :smile:


sound like the drive in northern virginia


Wish I could’ve been there to experience it :slight_smile: