Summer Art Contest - Voting (Reddit - NoMansSkyTheGame)

tbh i was unaware that this place was active after season 1 (good to see that’s not the case), and i hope i’m not posting in the wrong area or anything, but i recently participated in the ARG (Sleeper Claire) and have since entered that submission (retro style comic) in a summer art contest in the r/NoMansSkyTheGame.

i would like to encourage anyone so inclined, to Visit and vote for your favorite.

or it can be viewed Here in full.

either way thanks for your time :+1:


Good one, here are the other comics for Claire if you haven’t seen them.
Comic for Claire

ye i hope she actually gets extracted, and dont end up data currupted.

@BabyLincGames: I edited the topic title to be descriptive of the content and included the category “No Man’s Sky - General Discussion”.

Good luck with the contest, I enjoyed the comic :wink:

k, was just sharing and explaining its origin tho, the whole voting thing was just an after thought. but cool and thank you for helping situate me here :smiley:

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That picture of Artemis is very…um…provocative.

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