Stephen Hawking


Stephen Hawking passed away today at the age of 76. The world has lost a visionary. The man inspired many people, myself included, to study the universe around us. He will be missed.






In tribute to this truly inspiring human being, I plan to name the next system I visit in his honor. It is only a small gesture, but it is the only gift in kind that I have to give for what he gave to people like me.



I am encouraged by those like him who against all odds find the ways and means to continue the struggle to create what we find gives the most meaning to our lives.

His pain is ended; his spirit finally free.



Any chance you could post (or PM me) the co-ordinates/portal location, if its in Euclid.
I’d like to leave a comm there.
He was a pretty special human.


Did you notice that this hasn’t been uploaded due to no connectivity?


Is there a free star left in the chain? Having a system named after him in the Hub would be great.


I did, after I took the photo. I made sure to reconnect.


Here are the coordinates and glyphs for Planet Hawking in the Hawking’s Star system.

there are 4 planets in the system.
1 Hawking - viridescent
2 Copely - radioactive
3 Maxwell - Boiling weather
4 Dirac - Toxic


Visited Hawking via portal and left a comm on a nearby mountainside.


I will check it out. I will leave a companion comm.


I would like to invite any interested explorers to visit Hawking’s Star and leave a tribute comm to the late Dr. Hawking. You will find the glyphs and co-ordinates in this thread.


Is there an established base or monument?

And if so, which game platform and mode?


there is no base at present. Normal mode.


My thought was to ring the portal with comms.


the existing comm units are about a 2 and a half minute walk from the portal.