Steam Deck

Nice! You can’t even reserve one, much less purchase one, unless you have bought a game from Steam prior to June 2021. Hopefully this will keep bots from being a pain in the arse…


It looks nice.
But they are selling proton as a fix-all for games written for windows. And that’s simply not the case.
The success of this device will mostly be how well the current top sellers will play on this. And if Valve will actively help the developer to get their games going (with or without proton).

If they don’t and proton fails to deliver, who will be punished for a game not working? The developer or the device?
If it’s the developer, there is a chance that they will start opting out of steamdeck and the value of it starts going down.


You can install any OS you want. The SteamDeck is actually a computer.
And isn’t Steam already Linux-based?
Both my kids are involved in the proton initiative that Valve is running. They are encouraging all Linux players to report any games not running. They are working very hard to get all working with proton.
For any who are interested

Here is the tweet SM sent out yesterday


Pretty impressive specs. But there’s an obvious drawback of course:

Battery 40Whr battery. 2 - 8 hours of gameplay

2 hours is obviously for games that are pushing the hardware, which NMS would be.

However, I see that there’s a DP interface for screens… if you can also attach a keyboard to this thing (and it would be kinda stupid if that wasn’t possible, though I don’t see the ability listed in the specs), it would essentially become a laptop where you have to plug in the keyboard instead of the gamepad, but would otherwise still be a fully usable PC. Now that’s an interesting alternative to the switch…

EDIT: Ohhh, they even have a docking station. So… this actually is a viable alternative for a laptop. That has potential, I must say.


It has an AC adapter and yes, you can attach a keyboard and hook to any monitor much like the Switch except you do need to save your game before launching as a desktop. They are working on a saveless way to jump from handheld to screen as the Switch does, but they are not yet there.
Oh and did I mention, you can run games from anywhere like from the Epic Store


It’s 30 cm long, and over half a kg in weight, though. That seems to stretch the term “handheld” by just a tiny bit… :smile:


True, but users that buy this will not buy it to tinker with it (some will though).
So installing windows on it, don’t see that happening (generally).

The Steam store software is available on Linux. And Steam has a linux OS variant that is tailored to work well with their store. That part will work well.

But proton on the other hand is just a translation layer for the windows API’s so Linux understands them.
Proton is actually guessing what a certain method should be doing and implementing the code so it will work on Linux. And that’s why some games sort of work, the implementation is guess work.

So if games run on proton and they don’t work and the user is not technically inclined, he will either mark the game as failed or return the steam deck.

If they complain about the games, the developer might say, don’t list my game on steamos even with proton. That will be bad for the platform.

These are all my (possibly flawed views) A nice article from the linux side on it is


Also, you can install different stores. Technically true but try getting GOG and EPIC store working, not that easy. Unless if Valve helps you there, but I don’t think they will.

GOG Galaxy 2 works on proton, but you need to struggle a bit with getting it to run and No Man’s Sky from GOG does not work due to the GOG Galaxy libraries. They error out on connectivity . The offline version of No Man’s Sky works fine though.


It would be interesting to make an international comparison of prices. This is what I’m being offered in the UK.

I must admit, I am tempted by the 512 Gb option - but it’s far from cheap. I could buy a decent laptop for that sort of money.

My other worry is that if not enough people buy them, Valve will just abandon the project, like they did with the Steam Boxes. If, on the other hand, lots of people buy them, and they become popular, then Valve will improve the specification, and launch a Mk 2 model to cope with next-gen games. And then us early adopters will be left with the obsolete tech.

I’m very undecided.


Nothing wrong with a cool looking ‘console’, but I prefer to game on my desktop and can use the money as part of the next investment (if the PC market allows).




Apparently this is not my year for buying any new gaming machines of any kind. :rage:


EDIT: finally went through :money_mouth_face:


Well atleast your not locked out of your account. :upside_down_face:

I got logged out of steam and cant get passed the password window without receiving an error that my machine cant connect with Steam’s servers. Heck, it tells me my password is wrong, yet i still get an the email saying that its correct.

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They are all pre-ordered anyway.
New orders will open 2022 Q1

That sounds like perhaps your account got hacked. First thing hackers do is change your password.


It is a pain in the rear, but I use Steam authenticator…

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I use it too. The 2-step verification. It sends an email to me with a code to input but steam wont let me go past the login window. That same email will actually say that i used the correct password and username too. Odd. I dont think i was hacked.


Of course,

There’s always an alternative…

Steam Deck

A handheld gaming PC, with decent stats, and numerous options.

Steam drops a video, and in that video is a ‘hint.’ — NMS Mobile!

I do see the appeal, Sean. Stronger and more versatile than Switch.

Cellular Service > Smartphone > Hotspot (or Tether) > Steam Deck > W-Fi (or Port)

Should even run Stadia, PlayStation Now, GeForce Now, and Xbox xCloud (cloud gaming). :cloud: Granted, why even pursue ‘cloud gaming’ when you got Steam? (Because ‘cloud gaming’ puts you on a smartphone. One device.) Does this mean Nintendo may finally beef-up a stronger alternative? :thinking: It would be nice to get on the Nintendo platform, reaching that audience, as well. But, such is of course very optional and there’s always… maybe… Nintendo next gen?

Nonetheless, one device would certainly seem simpler, and cheaper…

Smartphone > Cloud Gaming -OR- Steam Deck with built-in Cellular Service (hint)

  1. Which option(s) will prove best? One, some or embrace them all?
  2. Would getting on all platforms overwhelm Hello Games? (Think)

After all, everyone already owns a smartphone. One device for everything!

Of course, with Steam Deck offering a portable product similar to a gaming laptop, comes the ability to experience corded (or ‘wired’) internet, and therefore without any of the mild latency of ‘cloud gaming.’

Good mercy, getting interesting!


Can this thing handle VR headsets? :pray:

Consider this article…

Notice above…

“connect with any hardware”


We’ve seen the Nintendo Switch turned into a cardboard-based VR headset (Labo VR or ‘Toy-Con’). So, if the Switch can handle still very playable a version of VR, then the Steam Deck can easily. (Think about it)


Connectivity for a Labo VR crossover? Design a cardboard template? - and/or etc.


Now consider next gen - Gonna be lit! :fire:

The Verge: Valve Steam Deck hands-on: the Nintendo Switch of PC gaming.