NMS Mobile App - Apple & Android

“An entire universe in the palm of your hands.”

It all started with Steam Deck, a portable PC in the palm of your hands. :sparkles::exploding_head::selfie: “Mind blown!”

Coming Oct 7, the Switch 3.1 GB system req. (vs. PC 12 GB with 15 GB system req.) was no doubt a key number to keep low, especially if bringing NMS to a cellular mobile app, and a future of only more updates to come. After all, Apple announced NMS on MacOS and iPad tablets coming later this year. Which means we’re only one step closer to NMS available for download on Apple and Android smartphones, and Android tablets.

Why smartphones? Because they’ll reach all! NMS will go on to become, ‘The #1 Most Popular Game!’

“Space? There’s an app for that!”