Shammy revisits No Mans Sky (an annual review)

I absolutely love this guys reviews. His dry wit and delivery and subtle owl animations are a tour de force. And hey, he just revisited NMS to see what’s changed. and it’s hilarious!

Maybe Read Before Viewing

do keep in mind, this is his humble opinion which is then blown into the stratospheres of comedy via hyperbole, disinterest and a ridiculous over-analysis of the plot and themes so it may seem like he really hates the game and just wants to poop on your parade.

When you start to realise just how much he knows about the game, its development, the extensiveness of its updates etc, you’ll know theres a love for the game in there too.


The last 5 minutes do show a genuine respect.
Some pretty rough but amusing shredding going on along the way. This guy’s vids are always kind of funny.
I like the editing method that syncs well to the cynical style. Not a fan but I don’t mind the technique.


I love Shammy!

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“Apollo is greedy, -null- is arrogant, and Artemis was there too.”


he has the ability of speaking bullshit none stop, he is rude, non-informative, his review - he should remove it.
a full waste of time looking at it.
His rendition sounds like the news media today!


The dude just seems interested in hating on the game and he seems to completely fail to understand any of it. He tries too hard to link it to biblical stories and incompetence or condescension by HG when neither of them are valid critic arguments. I’m sure he’d like it if there were details and answers to break everything down for his narrow mind to understand but that would sadly require more text to be written for the game than the bloody bible. At the end of the day tough nothing will ever be good enough for haters like him who will always look to fabricate reasons to justify their hate with…it’s a bit of a loop…hate generating logic to justify its own existence.


Laughing … he loves to hear his own singular voice droning on and on and on and …

EMILY permanently removes Shammy from existence …


Shammy is so far up his own arse, he’s in danger of turning inside out.

He may not love the game, but he sure loves himself.


I see not too many follow Shammy, wonder why??!!?? lol

P.S. tis the only time that I will view, look at, anything doing with that single cell entity!

time to have a :cocktail:


Shammy’s videos are hilarious, but I will agree that his NMS videos are a little harsh


Come on guys, be fair, he actually PLAYED the game in order to re-review it. Several youtubers have done negative “re-reviews” of NMS recently using the old stock footage of trailers and pre-release gameplay to just get more views. I think Shammy gave NMS a fair chance again, unlike most haters.


After watching the Whole video I agree with your assessment of Shammy’s methods and what he thinks about games. He treats all games with a critics eye and it is clear that despite him not being an Explorer type player he did respect HG and SM a lot.

To all CSD Members I suggest watching this video just to see what a more critical thinker sees in NMS. I saw a few things in the video that although are harsh show that NMS is very much a game about finding your Niche. You can play in a huge universe with whatever game mode and whatever controls you want.

Don’t Just Look At His One Sided View And Expand Your Mind About No Man’s Sky :slight_smile:


lol, between his lack of words to describe what he sees, cussing and swearing to fill in the blanks, tis ain’t worth watching. I find that this video is not a fair assessment of the game. At the beginning he states he does not want to do the video and is/appears to be pissed off doing it because some of his “followers” asked him too. I am being fair. He is not being fair. An absolutely worthless review of NMS.


Agreed…the dude went in with his mind set to nitpick on and hate on the game because he was angry at what he perceived as pressure to reassess the game…something he seems to have been completely against. That’s not giving it a fair shot.


Fair enough, point taken. But what I was pointing out was that he was more fair than most of the other haters.


What really matters is the community of fans who have seen past the messy bits, ignored the haters & become part of the uneven history that is NMS.


@Mad-Hatter and @MacForADay have a point :slight_smile:

The Guy rubbed me the wrong way. But I had to admit that after I watched it, and with my attitude on the game, that Shammy does help those who are looking for something like NMS to find it. It is like a cryptic puzzle to others. What has got this guy so riled up enough that he doesn’t want to do another review?

He even posted all the hate mail he got for giving the review he did. That tells you something about all his reviews. Maybe those that he hates the most he actually respects because he knows his own lack of seriousness in gaming.

If he has feelings about a game then the game has some qualities worth feeling about. No Man’s Sky isn’t just a passing fad and it is here to stay :slight_smile:

There are issues with the game even I am dealing with. The biggest sadly is the inability to easily mute or push to talk the Floating Orb Voice Chat. I kind of feel that such things are needed to feel that someone isn’t listening in on unintended conversations :slight_smile: And the Lack of a keybind that allows you to toggle the removal of the HUD.

Oh yeah and the ability to confirm your Real Life Address as a CSD Member is on the top of my list of things I think HG needs to improve on :slight_smile:

But please fellow CSD Members don’t just ignore this guys video. If it angers you figure out why. If you were laughing at some point, re look at that point. CSD Members are a chosen few who have what it takes to play NMS and Sean Murray thinks highly of each and everyone of us :wink: .

So Keep Trucking In The Depths Of Infinite Space Yah-All :+1:


When did he take a breath ? Not easy to folloow him, hopefully the subtitles help.

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Between cuts? :`)

I agreed with a lot of his criticisms (though a few seemed specious), but I love to play NMS in spite of those since the great things about it HUGEly outweigh the problems.

I’m also confident that HG is still working on optimizing the game. NMS feels like a labour of love and personally I don’t think HG owes any one anything.