Screenshots 🖼

For just a moment I thought I’d landed in Hello Games next title :slight_smile:



Jumped straight out of the ship and into photo mode by accident after landing, decided it was absolutely worthy of a shot.

It has me wanting to take more photos like this. Just dive straight down, jump out and then snap those first impressions.

Still working away on the Wonderwater Ice Museum on the Experimental Omega Expedition starter planet.

A view of the landing pad from a fishes perspective


Atlas Sception / -NULL- Edition


Nice shot composition


Following on from my First Impressions photo I decided to do something similar when arriving at a Rendezvous point.

Rendez-View 1

Rendez-View 2

Soon as my character is out of the ship I switch to photo mode and take the best picture the game has presented me with; the rendezvous point means I can’t always land where the sun is setting and cheat the system I’ve created for myself :smiley:


(in case anyones wondering, mix of enhanced and high settings, 1080, 60, DLSS, rtx2060).

Heres some bonus snaps of RV1 and the starting planet.

Just before I called it a night, I thought I hit a weird bug but may have also discovered something I didnt notice before.

I got to a waypoint scanner, (the big tall aerial mast, whatever they’re called) and used it, suddenly a bunch of autophage appeared around me.

I thought this shouldn’t be possible, I don’t even have the scanner yet.

Silly me forgot I JUST traded in nanites to bring my multitool over, so I did in fact have the scanner now.

But I never scanned. Using the waypoint, it’s top down birds eye view scan seemed to also activate my Autophage scanner and revealed them <3 It’s also possible I was so tired I clicked the right stick in to scan while the thing was scanning.

Will report back if I can repeat this :wink:




Atom Smashing ;0;

Wait, what happens if you put two Atlas sims in a Large Hadron Collider and turn it on…

(edit: very tempted to pull this into PS and make the reflected orb P U R P L E :crystal_ball: (closest purple glass thing I could find)

Got my Starborn ship. Only realising now it has no landing gear…

The guy told me this was an eco friendly alternative but I don’t see how this is cost or energy efficient…

They told me to NEVER turn it off.
Refused to elaborate further just said,
“I wouldn’t if I were you.” and then spat in a bucket.


A sneaky weasel chews up the cables, preventing you from activating it, saving the universe in the process




I don’t think I’ve come across a Freighter this buried in a good few years. It even tried to correct itself at one point and all the dirt vanished but soon reappeared.

Vanishing Dirt


Since clothes keep changing I decided to try out some new looks.

Decided to cosplay as the Abandoned Terminal


Wow! Very well done shot!


Me looking at me looking at myself.

A flickering reflection of my own body emerges from a portal. It mimics every move I make. When I wave, it waves. When I raise my multi-tool, it copies instantly. The doppelganger makes a motion to suggest it wants something, and we both recoil when I realise I’ve instinctively matched its movements.

Its body shimmers, but its equipment looks somehow real. Its multi-tool looks better than my own. The dimensional irregularity is fading.



Iteration #2016PS2020 meets Iteration #2021PC2024.


I decided since I have a months trial of PS+ to go and meet myself. Booted up my original NMS ps4 save on ps5 (last used april 2020) and joined the expedition, then flew over with my main PC save I played briefly in 2017 then took over fully in 2021.

PC is rendering at 720 as I’m using my second monitor. PS5 in 4k (i think? could be 1440 upscaled? You know how consoles can be). Takes screens/shares them at 1080.

Lets not even get in to the ps5 image compression when sending via message, to then download to phone via ps app, to then reupload here for even more compression. But I assure you it looks a HELL of a lot better XD

Figured a Monolith was the best place for a meeting of a future version of myself from another iteration as the boundaries break and the iterations blur :slight_smile:

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