Screenshots v1.5-1.77



Small patch fixed my Atlas Path, made Polo finally show up with the Anomaly, stopped my motor from constantly revving on my exocraft, and best of all, I have my Melee Boost back…YES! I am so happy I feel like dancin’.



"Open The Pod Bay Doors"




Missiles Away!

Rocketeer Ready


Having keybindings for photo mode is pure genius. Hands down. :camera_flash:


and cousins


I had been waiting in high anticipation for this specific thing! Had mentioned it many a time in my streams and talking with others. It only made sense since a third party built the Photo Mode feature. They can at least add keybinds! Here a few of mine that I’ve been messing around with. :slight_smile:








A walker i just had a battle with near my base( i ran inside my main building before i died) was in this "paused, transformer, folder up state for a while right in the middle of my base area. When I got close to it, it stood up so I took the selfie on the top of it. When I went a short distance away to get carbon, it was gone when I came back.



Nice to see someone else’s for a change.


Guess I found Another spot to build my home base!!

Look at this lake!

And this is the planet I found it! With a dark Moooon :grin:


Another great Planet No Man’s Sky Next offers!!


That’s DAM(n) cool! I can imagine a fun base built there :wink:


I like the land bridge! I found a natural arched bridge over a canyon between to mountains once. It really wanted a castle at one or both ends, But I was like no can do (pre-NEXT).


Sure ! That’s what I though aswell! I’ll try to keep that lake location in my notes!
@DevilinPixy Got the portal adress, just in case !
Those are very far from the center, I haven’t moved much since the update, they are here approx:


Had a massive theft onboard my Freighter…ALL of my storage units were gone! I was so angry with my crew!

Then the insurance man showed up and wrote me a nice fat check and now I have new storage rooms…so nice!


Resources have been refunded and can be found in your Base Salvage Capsule, in case you had not checked yet :wink:


This new arrangement takes up a room where as before it took up an alcove. I’m missing more and more the days when the Containers could be stacked.


Wait…? What…?
What’s happened to the containers?
I haven’t been near them for a bit.