Refining on my freighter is eating my FPS

For some reason, when on my freighter, doing some refining for a bit, is slowly decreasing my performance. My freighter base is not all that large, it houses the following:

  • 10 Storage Containers
  • My Specialist Terminals (minus Exocraft Vy’keen)
  • 5 Fleet Command Rooms
  • Reasonably small farm (2 Stasis Device / 2 Fusion Ignitor /extras):
    • 28 large trays
    • 24 small trays
  • 3 Large Refiners
  • 4 Medium Refiners
  • Some hallways, stairs, empty rooms (two floors)
  • No decorations at all (yet)

When starting the game fresh, loading in at my ship in my freighter bay, I get 60 fps. My fps is limited to 60 max through the game settings. I go upstairs to enter the interior, some small drops to then be stable at 60 fps again when in my refining room. I start refining on pretty much all machines to produce mostly crops from frigate fleet resources. These crops are then turned into the 2 top selling products. As I am doing this, I can see my fps start dropping. After about 30 minutes or so it will be down to like 40 fps. As I continue even longer it seems to go down to about 25-30 fps. Not seen it drop even further, as I usually need to go get more Oxygen and gasses elsewhere. So for some reason something seems to be ‘leaking’ performance as I am refining a lot and managing inventory while at it.

Depending on what I plan on doing after refining, I am forced to sometimes reload my save to get performance on par again to prevent crashing. For example managing my fleet, which is quite demanding in the menus (22 frigates). Going planet side after refining, flying right off my freighter to a Trade Station (to sell goodies), will occasionally crash my game upon atmosphere entry, unless I reload first.

Anyone else experiencing similar? Have not tested this fps drop on a planet-side base, but would be curious to hear about it.

I don’t know about FPS (not techy enough), but I get lag when I am on my freighters. It’s like your in a dream trying to run through really thick air. Its kind of disorienting. I assume its related to Multi-play, long sessions, organizing or adding to inventory, and/or Refining. Harvesting lots of plants too. I had a crash on one freighter, the other day. I had just built and rearranged rooms. I thought I had lost it all, a lot of work, but luckily I switched ships at some point.

The crashed save frieghter had

  • 1 large refiner
  • 1 small refiner
  • 1 store
  • 1 storage container
  • 6 command rooms
  • no plants
  • 4 ships
  • small 1st floor
  • very large 2nd floor
  • ramps to 3rd floor not started
  • lots of ramps
  • very little decorations
  • a restore base thing

~This was a long session with a guest that had left, and a few randoms.

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FPS is Frames Per Second, which may not mean much to anyone playing on a console. I can use Steam Overlay or other tools to see the FPS counter. Considering my monitors have a refresh rate of 75Hz and 60 FPS being perfectly fine and close to this ‘refresh rate’, I don’t see any point in removing the max frame rate limit in the settings. There is no point in sending a 100 frames per second to a monitor that can only handle 75 …

Anyways, FPS is usually felt as ‘lag’ when it gets low. This is because the screen doesn’t update as often anymore, making it feel slow. Camera/player movement becomes sluggish as performance starts to drop.

I have noticed that there are many occasions where performance starts to drop and does not recover. Sure enough long sessions will increase the chance of losing performance. Losing performance should not happen though. A developer always tries to make sure nothing ‘leaks’ and always recovers to perform at its best. That said, there will always be limits as to how much can be ‘rendered’, calculated, or run. The more you build, the more you add, the more performance will suffer. Add a lot of performance loss to a heavy process like the frigate menus or loading a planet’s surface and you will end up crashing unless your system can ‘deal’ with it. Therefor re-loading a save or the game often, will help stay up there performance wise :wink:

Your freighter base doesn’t sound too big though and should perform well. The interior is only supposed to get loaded once you go through the second sliding doors towards your freighter bridge. However, I am pretty sure not everything gets ‘unloaded’ again the opposite way and even some of the frigate menu interactions cause a performance loss when staying inside the freighter interior. My FPS gets about halved right after sending out missions to then do whatever else inside. Even without seeing the FPS counter, I obviously notice the sluggish movement all of a sudden. This only recovers for the biggest part by going back to the hangar, but a reload appears to work even better, after a quick save at any of my ships (6). If I do not reload, but just visit the hangar to then go back to only reload the interior, I still have quite a performance drop off the bat. This is only caused by having interacted with the Navigator or Management menu, with the latter being the worst of all.

So yeah, reload often, or better, restart regularly … although I can imagine this being annoying when playing with friends or multiplayer in general, I guess. I have no MP experience as of yet, as I am still hesitant giving that a try.


I have noticed issues on my Freighter as well. I have not checked the FPS but, I have noticeable lag as I am leaving the Bridge area. It clears once I get out of that area. I have not done much refining on board.