Re-Ordering Game Save Slots

What I would like to do is simply take my Normal Save from a previous back up of the game and insert it to the bottom, empty slot, of my current game saves. The reason being I have a ship I lost in my current game but have found a backed up Save in an earlier Galaxy, still with my favourite ship and I’d like to continue playing NMS with it. A relative of mine passed away but I associate my uncle with that ship as it reminds me of him.

I’ve a spare unused slot and simply want to not have to keep swapping file folders to play one Normal Save or the other. I want to be able to have a choice between the Normal Saves on the same selection screen.

I have tried experimenting and changing the name of the ‘save.hg’ file(s) to ‘save9.hg’ but it is more complicated than simply changing a name to fool the game into swapping game save positions in the list. I hope there is a simple solution but not being a programmer I couldn’t find a method to name change the save files.
Ultimately it would be nice to swap ‘my uncle’s’ ship with one on my freighter one day in my current save and avoid playing two Normal game saves.

Can anyone suggest a solution? Thank you.

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