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I don’t believe it takes a huge effort on the part of HG to put a basic Expeditions quest together. If they’re making us wait, it’s because they’re planning something, and the timing is important.


My thoughts too. I’ve been unable to play much recently, but an in awe of what Hello Games has done and continues to do. I never expected this much or as extensive free updates.


I suspect AMD FX Super fidelity. I cannot see them ignoring the improvements this would bring to consoles. Whether this is another update like Prisms or part of a larger update???

As far as expedition 3 I suspect it will come out once community unlocks have caught up. There are at least 3 tiers in code. But they have been there for a while so as each tier ends if we don’t see the next one start within a day or so that will likely be a sign we are about to get season 3, as they wont start it while community unlock is running. (Doubt it any way)

I wouldn’t be surprised at all to see it land around the end of the Month. Be much longer and take us into Year 5 update.


Hello Games have history here. In the past, they’ve timed a number of minor events leading up to the main show.

We may still be in the build-up phase, but I sense that timing is becoming more crucial.

In any case, Sean has said right out that there are “more surprises to come”.


65% got to be the slowest unlock ever lol. At this rate tier 3 wont unlock for at least a week. Really making people work for that fireplace lol.


Tier 2 now unlocked


at 13%, averaging about 1% per hour…argh…slowest unlock…ever lol
well on track for Thursday or Friday


41%…place your bets, place your bets. I’m betting not till Monday now. This feels so intentional…

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