Pre-update Suspense

Anyone else go through this update cycle?

  1. An update releases.
  2. You get excited.
  3. You complete the new content.
  4. Your left longing for more but it’s fine.
  5. The next update is drawing near, your antsy for it

Repeat 1-5

Is there a word to describe this feeling? That feeling of “come on update. I want to play it already!” But in a cycle.


Yes. Possibly called the Next Great Thing.

I want Light No Fire. Preferably soon.


First off: Have you seen the Saturday Night Live skit Called Heinz: Relax?

Second: I wouldn’t say anticipation exactly. Because it’s like a void feeling and you want to get out? Or like your bored… and you really want to get out of the boredom with something very specific. we need a word or something for this. Like,

“Pre-Update Anxiety”?
“Under-stimulated gamer syndrome”?
”post update clarity"? :joy: (sorry for the innuendo haha)

yep. That’s it. “Post Update Clarity”. :joy:
As gross as the origin term is(Post Nut Clarity), I can’t think of anything else that makes the most sense. :joy: I’m sorry.


Yes. It is called, Play Another Game While You Wait Syndrome.


Post-Update Clarity has my vote. It’s only in this state of mind that I actually even get anything done. Piled up plates and taxes? They can wait for my post update clarity.

(Our taxes are done on a pay-as-you-earn model, so I don't actually know the pain of doing taxes or whatever it is americans are forced to do every year and I've only gleamed the process through episodes of television themed around the daunting task, but I said it cos I wanted to sound cool and adulty.)

It gets trickier when you have multiple early access games on the go, Valheim updated after a year with a big one and that just means my floordrobe might stick around for another few days.

I’m hoping theres a gap week between me getting my fill of this valheim update, and HG teasing their next one. Just so I can get some gardening done.

Here is an irish man struggling to do his business taxes in the UK

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Well, after SM gave me Post Update Clarity, :joy: I’m playing Pacific Drive, Grounded and Party Animals(hilarious game to play with friends).

I do recommend Pacific Drive if you like 70’s-80’s sci-fi stuff and some sense of realism at the same time. I’m only about 5 hours into it and it’s been a fun ride.