No Man's Sky UK Guildford Meet-Up (Saturday August 17th)

What up Jippers!

Some of you may know that I have organised a UK No Man’s Sky Meet-Up in Guildford on Saturday 17th August at the Three Pigeons (Pub). We have the entire upstairs booked out for the day/night (starting at 12:00). It would be awesome to meet some fellow travellers, enjoy a drink, some food and share our love for the game together in general!

So far there will be:

PS4 Pro + VR setup on a big screen so we can all play BEYOND throughout the day.

We have started to pull together a few cool items that can be used as prizes, perhaps for a quiz etc. (ideas welcome!)… One of the prizes is a special unique Atlas V4 Pass unlike any sent out during Waking Titan (from HG so 100% real).

Drinks Food etc. all available (I will try to see if I can sort a batch and cover the cost to begin with but generally it will be buy whatever you want yourself when you are there).

We’re hoping to head over to the Thank You Hello Games Billboard during the day for a big group photo.

We even have some folks flying over from other countries which is pretty crazy haha!

Plan to take lots of pictures etc. on the day too :smiley:

Ground Rules: (only 2)

Nobody tries to go and find Hello Games staff or hassle them in any way.

Be respectful to each other and don’t cause any trouble (especially if you are planning on having a few drinks).

Here’s a Discord Link to a little channel we set up for those coming: Discord


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