NMS Con 2020 - UK

Hi all,

Video from LPlays recapping last year’s meetup in Guildford, and announcing a NMS Con meetup again in Guildford on 15 Aug 2020.


Morning here in the USofA. This is the way my day begins, watching this game community across the big water get organized for another meet up. I’ve never stuck with one game for this long or been a forum user very much. We NMS players are apparently one awesome group of people. I feel lucky to have an Atlas 4 Pass and a spot in the book with a couple screenshots and a short paragraph of Thank You NMS and HG. And a financial support mention at the back of the book. Now where’s that confounded bridge so I can drive over and join them?


Would be nice if we could have a couple of meet ups here in the US. Most people who registered their Atlas Passes were in the NE and on the W coast. Texas has lots of room. It’s a nice middle ground ( and close for me, lol )