NMS - Summer Sale on Steam (60% off)

Nice timing to go on sale :wink:

Offer ends July 5th


I was holding off on getting the PC version for a nice sale like this. Definitely don’t have the time to spend playing it like I do on console, have my original save on a usb (nearing the centre of hilbert but untouched since oct2016), my post foundation save I’m chillin the Galactic Hub in Euclid and then there’s my post-pathfinder PermaDeath save which is my primary journey ATM (gotta get those last two trophies!!). PC will be strictly for experience a fully modified universe. Yay, Mods!

Thanks so much for the heads up Devilin.

I think it’s fair to read in to this reduction somewhat. Usually when a companys just about to announce new DLC or a sequel at e3 etc etc, they offer deals on the previous/current installments to build up the active player base again before BOOM, have at you snake. So yup, something juicey this way comes.