NEXT Patch notes - Steam Experimental [POTENTIAL SPOILERS!]


“Fixed an issue that made melee boost jumping overly hard to do”

Agreed @sheralmyst, this change appears to have achieved the opposite. It’s impossible to reliably get any forward boost now. Now it’s usually no faster than sprinting on the ground, and often just limply jumps in-place.

Pre-Next melee used to lunge slightly, causing this “feature” in the first place. Since Next, they made melee actually stop player movement, so presumably they then had to add new code to replicate the former originally-unintended behavior. It seems they haven’t gotten that right yet.


They’re probably working on another major patch…still a lot of issues left but they are doing a solid job chasing them down.


I reported it and was also having a bobble-head affect when the move failed to execute.


It’s not so bad.


I agree. The Internal build should show up shortly.


Did the full release fix your character spazing out? I never had issues with animations in the 1.5 release on PS4.


It seems to have worked. :+1:


I am having trouble with the link @Polyphemus posted above for the notes for the next game patch.

Would someone copy and paste them here? (Hoping they fix the legacy save progress bug.)


Here you go!


Latest changes on Experimental 09/08:

  • Fixed an issue that prevented pre-NEXT saves from accessing the Base Computer Archive missions

  • Fixed an issue where some non-existent base parts were showing in the Guide

  • Fixed an issue that made melee boost jumping overly hard to do

  • Made further adjustments to the farming timers. Note: plant timers have been on real-world rather than in-game time since the launch of NEXT, and these adjustments are in response to that.

This is an addition to the fixes already deployed to the Experimental branch 08/08:

  • Fixed a memory leak in the UI

  • Fixed a number of crashes to do with freighters

  • Fixed a crash that affected particular planets

  • Fixed a crash that could occur while creating a race track in a borrowed Exocraft

  • Reduced texture memory usage to improve overall stability

  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in The Purge mission

  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck in the Ghost in the Machine mission

  • Fixed an issue where players would receive incorrect mission instructions while returning with the Mind-Arc

  • Fixed an issue where Sentinels would chase players forever if they did not complete the final Weapon Specialist mission

  • Fixed an issue that was causing dialogue and rewards at certain found buildings to repeat (including Traveller graves and portal glyphs)

  • Fixed an issue that caused players upgrading their save to not have any primary missions if they were on the tutorial for expanding their inventory when they upgraded to NEXT

  • Fixed an issue where legacy saves would not know the recipe for microchips, the large refiner and some advanced survival products

  • Fixed an issue where trade commodities were not available for sale in the space station

  • Fixed an issue where player ships could shoot themselves in multiplayer

  • Fixed an issue where some base parts were not available in the blueprint analyser

  • Fixed an issue where players would get stuck if they died before using the Navigation Data in the tutorial

  • Fixed an issue where the labels of hot / cold thermal protection upgrades were the wrong way around

  • Fixed an issue where the Efficient Launch Thruster upgrade was not learnable in space stations

  • Fixed an issue where terrain edits caused by building parts would regenerate in multiplayer

  • Fixed an issue where Base Computers placed inside other bases could not be deleted

  • Fixed some instances of an issue where ships would all spawn on the same landing pad

  • Fixed a number of incorrect refiner recipes

  • Expanded the available refiner recipes

  • Removed the chance to get nanites from Buried Technology Modules

  • Reduced the frequency of storms in some situations

  • Slightly increased the cost of launch fuel, but made one canister entirely refill the thrusters

  • In normal mode, slightly reduced the base rates of hazard and life support fuel usage

  • Slightly reduced the radius at which Sentinel drones will investigate players

  • Reduced the time required to scan discoveries with the Analysis Visor

  • Increased the recharge rate of the jetpack when onboard a Space Station

  • Since the release of No Man’s Sky NEXT, farm plants have grown in real-world time (rather than game time), allowing farms to continue growing while you are away from the game. As a consequence, adjusted farming times + prices.

  • Placed the Space Anomaly marker on the entrance to the Anomaly rather than the centre of the model

  • Fixed an issue where mission markers would not attach to the correct base

  • Reduced the number of whispering eggs around Abandoned Buildings

  • Fixed an issue with rain audio

  • Added audio to the target tagging UI

  • Fixed a bug in the auto-aim system concerning large creatures

  • Reduced the critical hit zone for biological horrors

  • Fixed an issue in creature replication that could cause creatures to freeze

  • Fixed an issue where mordite would not be awarded to the correct player when killing creatures in multiplayer

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the third person camera to turn sluggishly

  • Fixed an issue where players respawning in Survival mode would have no life support and rapidly die again

  • Fixed an issue where some of Nada + Polo’s missions had untranslated text

  • Fixed an issue where some of the procedural missions given by NPCs had untranslated text

  • Fixed an issue where some exotic biomes incorrectly reported their weather as fine or calm

  • Fixed an issue where chairs did not display their text correctly

  • Fixed an issue where the launch fuel tutorial did not trigger correctly

  • Fixed a number of incorrect timings of mission update messages

  • Fixed an issue where activating the torch did not close the quick menu

  • Fixed an issue where Infra-Knife accelerator projectiles would originate from behind the player’s ship.

  • Fixed an issue where the freighter would not be visible to other players in multiplayer

  • Fixed a number of issues where expeditions would reward the wrong player in multiplayer

  • Fixed an issue where fleet frigates would return to the wrong location on completion of an expedition.

  • Fixed an issue where changing between first and third person camera while on a ladder would break player animations.

  • Fixed an issue where players would lose access to the main menu after reloading a save just after upgrading to NEXT

  • On PC, pressing P will default to opening the Log rather than Options. Options continues to be the default option for Esc.

  • Fixed an issue where Korvax eye textures would become misaligned.

  • Fixed an issue where falling animations would not play

  • Fixed an issue where the player would play the sliding animation while swimming

  • Fixed an issue that would stop players from firing or reloading their Multi-Tool in specific situations

  • Fixed an issue where Multi-Tool lasers would bend in the wrong direction.

  • Fixed an issue where the Multi-Tool glitched while going into the Analysis Visor

  • Fixed a number of issues for players in specific timezones

Thank you,


Sentinels chasing you forever! Can that be a new game mode?


From about 40 minutes ago:

Latest changes on Experimental (15/08):

  • Fixed an issue that prevented planets from being added to the Discovery timeline when exiting certain ship models

  • Fixed an issue that prevented players from using the Pulse Engine to escape between waves of Sentinel space fighters

  • Fixed an issue that could cause base NPC workers to become unresponsive after moving / deleting your base

  • Substantially increased the length of time fuel lasts in the hydroponic trays

  • Fixed a crash related to creatures

  • Fixed a crash related to terrain generation

  • Fix for an issue with PC shader compilation when the game is first booted which would occasionally result in a crash

  • Various performance improvements

  • Various improvements to load times (approximately 5-10% improvement to Warp times, 30% improvement to initial game load)

  • Fix to shader generation to boost performance on lower spec PCs

  • Fixed an issue that incorrectly limited the number of storage containers that could be built on the freighter

  • Fixed an issue that could prevent construction in the freighter base

  • Fixed an issue that could cause the ‘Nearby buildings’ scan on the signal booster to fail

  • Fixed an issue that prevented exploration-focussed frigates from charging their scanners

  • Fixed an issue that prevented damaged frigates from being completely repaired

  • Fixed an issue where players could start their game in inappropriate systems when starting in multiplayer

  • Marked icons are now automatically cleared on arrival at the marked target

  • Fixed a number of cases where the HUD would prompt to mark icons that did not need marking

  • Improved target locking for ship PvP

  • Improved the appearance of HUD markers on player ships

  • Fixed a number of visual issues around using the Analyser Visor in very specific circumstances

  • Improved the mapping of the Steam Controller

  • Removed an obsolete building product from the blueprint analyser

  • Combat music now triggers when fighting biological horrors

  • Slightly increased the damage dealt by biological horrors

  • Fixed an issue that could cause expedition rewards to artificially increase after save/loading

  • Fixed an issue where the Personal Forcefield could be deployed on 0% charge

  • Fixed an issue where the Mining Beam and other weapon effects displayed the wrong colour in multiplayer

  • Fixed an issue where the screen on the Multi-Tool would display the wrong ammo count for the Blaze Javelin

  • Fixed an issue where the Multi-Tool was invisible in Photo Mode

  • Fixed an issue where the Personal Forcefield would remain in-world forever when cycling Alt Weapon modes

  • Fixed an issue where meleeing while sprinting could cause an animation glitch

  • Improved the appearance of clouds in 4K/1440p modes

  • Visual improvements made to some exotic biomes

  • Visual improvements made to the space station technology merchants

  • Increased the visibility of underground toxic hazards

  • Visual improvements to buried technology modules


It does not sound like there is a fix for legacy saves being unable to save progress with this update either.

It makes me wonder if it will be patched, since all of these updates seems to be about quality, minor bugs or adjustment updates instead of fixing an issue that is preventing gameplay. You would think that would have been prioritized, or perhaps it is a more difficult problem than the similar issue that arose for long-time saves with Atlas Rises.

I wish I new, so I could plan accordingly. This bug has me playing the game on a new account while awaiting a fix.


Perfect example of not knowing if bug or new game element. I thought maybe being in my hauler without upgrades it was impossible to outrun sentinels maybe, that or was a bug. Good to hear :slight_smile:

Goodbye Fort Tower, we hardly knew ye.

Screenshot are about to get a bit more fun :slight_smile:

Hope this cures what ails ya @sheralmyst

And maybe this will also fix Yr tessellation qualms


Is this an issue that’s only cropped up with recent patches or something plaguing you for some time now? Hoping for you it’s the former and its just something they haven’t ironed out yet. I’ll submit it as a zendesk report too in the hopes some more noise about it will push the bug up the list :wink:


Thanks @toddumptious. The issue has been there since the launch of NEXT. I have submitted it twice now. (The second submission was to more concisely describe the issue.)

Edit: I should also mention that this issue is shared by at least 2 other Spacing Guild members whom have also submitted bug reports.


I just noticed something in my crafted products guide, I’m missing the first flag decoration blueprint (my favorite one, black & orange in the guide). I’ve obtained all other base-building blueprints from the analyzer and quests, but never got that one. Is anyone else experiencing this issue under new Next saves?


So I finally have the bass archive mission. I built a new base on a moon I was already on and tested it out. It works, so I guess it just gives you random things? Like I got a module instead of a blueprint.


Not random…I think it gives you a module if you already have the blueprint it was supposed to give you…because after every interaction with it you have to build something to progress…and later it gives the medium refiner, character customization station, and oxygen machine thing and again…you have to build each as you’re given the blueprints to progress.


Okay 6th time trying to complete the base computer mission @ 98%

Save is fresh start since next, get mission for random location, go to location as asked, go to building clear marker, wait 5 Hrs for it to complete, go back to base computer to score, and get go to random location, same as before.

Submitted twice on Zendesk,


PS no gas @ space stations…? (multiple stations)


Being sent to the exact same spot every time seems a bit odd but the lore entries from there sound pretty amazing…the dude got a sentinel on his side, he did something to it though not clear what, and suggests the sentinels might be sentient…and now something about ghosts of first spawn I don’t quite understand…the quest definitely seems to work even if the 6 hour waiting periods are quite annoying. At the end of it I’ll have to sit down and re-read everything over a few times to see what we can learn from all this.


It kept sending me to the same building in a completely different system for that quest. I considered building a tiny base there so I could just teleport back & forth. Eventually ended though, some great new lore.

I built my current base right next to a landing pad building. Now my exocraft guy keeps sending me to hack the trade terminal in that building,. I guess that kinda balances things out. :slight_smile: Although it also keeps immediately declaring mission failed, but the terminal still gives the reward… Gotta report that.

So can anyone who’s bought all the analyzer blueprints confirm if they have all 4 flags or not? I’d like to report my missing one, but I need to know if it’s everyone or if I’m some isolated case.