Mystery of the NMS Cover art


May 22-26 New WT Commands and Cont'd Dev Kit Arrivals

4 squared = 16


Oh! Veeeery interesting! Good catch!


except there are a lot more ships than the ones circled…


Are you talking about the freighters?




For context, one time while I was on his stream, basically everything in cake started lining up with the number four. Four classes of items (C,B,A,S), four screens on the dashboard of the fighter, four planets in the system, and a TON of other stuff. It only started getting terrifying when it started happening in real life as I was watching. Four birds landed in the four trees I have outside my house. The time right when we realized this was 4:14. It got worse and worse as it went on. I thought I had escaped it.


Sorry to remind you of that traumatic experience :joy:


four books…


The 5th one just came up.


but… there are 3 fours, which would lead to 4 cubed which is 64… unless i’m missing something in which i apologize for not noticing.


There are also 4 blobs of pink: the treetops and the rock formations… do they count? :crazy_face:


don’t forget the 4 dots under NEXT…


Let’s not get carried away :scream: :rofl:


There’ll probably be something more to do with Waking Titan soon. The last glyphs just lit up and we’re gonna need some keys. They might lead to some more information as to what 1.5 contains for us to discover. Perhaps they might do something with what has been speculated here.


Nintendo 64 release confirmed!


Thanks everyone who has corrected me. I’m doing the math now and i’ll try to find a way to connect this all together.


Okay, so, based on what the others have been saying, there are 5 sets of four, but some say there are four stets of four. If these were the case, the final result would be either 256 or 1,024. These numbers may have meaning and i’ll leave it up to you who are more advanced in this hunt to figure out what they mean.


My son is 4!! :astonished:


I’m with @sheralmyst, sqroot 16 is 4, planet addresses are 4 sets of 4, loop 16, 4 ship types, 4 races… and a bit more relevant to life, look at your bank card 4 sets of 4 :scream_cat: