Myriad Security Diagnostic Testing (Important!)

I’m really confused on what to do. At any right, it’s the 4th of July (Independance Day), here. I wish I could be of more help, but I’ll be continuing celebrations soon. Good Luck, everyone. You’re all fantastic!! Don’t forget to post all findings to Reddit :two_hearts:


We need to identify suspicious activity, and Emily also gave us ping, upload and download ranges. My worst is 40144 Up 8, Down 21 ping 12

Initial thought is that this looks similar to the Node test we have done before


I’m running that worst one you found through various decipher programs to see if it has a clue in it.
Taking a long time to search through …and I’m rather crap at this.

EDIT: nothing obvious but a few results sort of looked like DNA sets. Probably not relevant.

All of the numbers that appear in the FetchData are scrambled Server numbers, but none of the servers have their own number.
Example 31422 has the numbers 18576 in its Data, which is Server 85671 scrambled

Server 91247 has a capital B in the string.
Server 31422 has some sort of link in the string. Possibly nothing.
Server 88014 has an unusual frequency of repeated letters etc. Bit odd.
Server 73195 has an : in the middle. Its the only one.

just throwing points of interest out there.

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The numbers in each server make pairs
Example 31422 has 18576- which is 85671. 85671 has 42312 which is 31422 making up “pairs”

31422 - 85671
91247 - 73195
11986 - 60206
67240 - 40144
88014 - 55197


…and with only nine servers, one is the odd one out…correct?

EDIT: there are actually 10…ignore that.

Sorry, 10 servers, that would have been helpful too :rage:

Bonedust on Discord did an overlay of the pairs to see if there were matching letters, here are the results
Pair 1 ced
Pair 2 ea
Pair 3 sce
Pair 4 nxea
Pair 5 a
Means nothing to me right now, but figured we need all the info we can get - thanks Bonedust

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There was a puzzle earlier in WT that used one line of text over top of another line of text creating a matching line up that lead to a 3rd line. This might be something similar.

EDIT: 1 second ahead of me :grin:

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I tried taking each number followed or preceded by the previous/next number/letter to make some hex, but it quickly breaks down into non hex :frowning:
Edit : My grammar is on point today! :stuck_out_tongue:

A and B are the only caps

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Open thoughts…

9 rows of 5 numbers… == 3 x (3x5) = 3x15
Hexadecimal = 00-0F = 0-15 (16 numbers); dropping 0 gives 1-15 . . . . .

OTHER odd thing…
@SingularGleam’s “first” is numbered “31422”, but on my screen, there was a #33452

BTW, the “instrutions” WARN about "subpar connection"s resulting in “packet loss or other interruptions”, and to REPORT “Any suspicious elements” . . .

Perhaps we are SUPPOSED to compare eg
BETTER Connection-of-Pair’s Data vs POORER Connection-of-Pair’s Data
… and only pull the difference from the “poorer” connection’s dataset?


The connection quality is a FACTOR to be considered in the COMPARISON of the apparent Data Pairs, as you got from Bone … perhaps?

…as per the Instruction Sheet’s warning?

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33452 is the satdash number we are connecting to :grinning:
I agree that’s why I was posting what server is the worst for me 40144 -
Edit: which oddly enough contains the word Electroencephalography jumbled up
Edit 2: EEG you might know it as


I need to see the Fetch Data in “gridded” form - ie block font
I think I’d “spot some kinda pattern” better that way …

. .and surely you’ve noticed, the 2nd last line of data from 31422

XLR Crop: Gen CSD -->> CSD = Cit Sci Div???

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Yeah I’m wondering what is useful, coincidence, and the puppet masters teasing us.

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Also not sitting comfy with me:

91247’s 5th line:
resyestodaeah – almost like a phonetic “yesterday” in the middle of that mess.

Any chance ANY of this data is potential Comms out of a Dreamer? (Or is that the point? Duh me)

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Well right now Emily is the only way we can communicate with them, they are stuck in the satellite. I don’t believe they have any method to use these servers. Although one of them might. More likely, this is data about the dreamers or the simulation itself