My favourite crossword clue


This is my favourite crossword clue. Fiendish, but so simple when you know the answer.

H, I, J, K, L, M, N, O (5)


I’ll never be able to say the alphabet the same way again… A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O URINE!


Swing and a miss…


Letters are H through to O.
Sort of a flow of letters you might say…
It’s almost like the other letters were washed away.
How’s that, without giving it away :wink:


H to O which sound like H2O? --> water?


Urine… Water… Close enough :slight_smile:


Correct. Water. It didn’t take you long to get that one lol. Must try harder,…Although I suppose the correct chemical formula is H2O1. Good crossword clue though.


haha I just told myself… " ok, let’s see… from H to O… oh! H2O? WATER??


Good one indeed!!


The musician in me saw it as phrasing. “Okay, second phrase of the alphabet song, but its missing the last note of the melody”. Darn it! Or maybe, it’s the world thats wrong… and I’m the only one that see’s the tr… no, no stop that. That’s how psychopaths and cults start. Bad Todd. Bad.