Latest Space Missions (& Other Science Stuff)

Patch notes

Got myself some more patches. Several space agencies now added to my collection and actually curious to find any other agency patches I do not yet have.

The image below includes a patch of space station Mir (RIP).

I also managed to get a nice collection of the various Mars Rover patches.

I also got the Crew 8 patch, with Crew 9 on it’s way, to complete my ongoing collection again for now.

Oh and yes, I think I can now safely say I am hooked to … ehhh ‘sewing’, so I got myself a pin :smile:


Static Fire?!

A first stage Tianlong-3 :link: (wikipedia) static fire test.

Sorry, it’s in Chinese, the video is universal :wink: (translate page to read)

A more recent in-depth article from the same site:

Ah, found some Twitter links as well now:


China’s Chang’e 6 farside moon rover

Got intrigued by some background story to the naming:

Chang’e 嫦娥 / 姮娥 = Goddess of the Moon (Chang'e - Wikipedia)
Jinchan 金蟾 = (three-legged) Golden Toad (Jin Chan - Wikipedia)

Liu Hai playing with the golden toad is an ancient Chinese folk legend, which comes from a Taoist allusion. There is a golden toad in the loofah well in Changde City. It often spits out a white light from the well mouth at night, which goes straight into the sky. People with Taoism can ascend to immortality by riding this white light. Liu Hai, a young man who lives next to the well, is poor, kind, and filial to his mother. He often goes to the nearby mountains to chop wood, sells wood to buy rice, and depends on his mother for life. One day, a fox in the forest cultivated into a spirit and transformed into a beautiful girl Hu Xiuying, blocking Liu Hai’s way home and asking to marry her. After marriage, Hu Xiuying wanted to help Liu Hai ascend to heaven, so she spit out a white bead from her mouth and used it as bait for Liu Hai to fish in the loofah well. The golden toad bit the hook and flew up. Liu Hai took advantage of the situation to ride on the toad’s back, jumped up, and ascended to immortality. In order to commemorate Liu Hai’s filial piety and Taoism, later generations built the Toad Spring Temple next to the loofah well, where a statue of Liu Hai was enshrined.


Been some scary things out of China with boosters etc…falling from the sky and into villages… :woozy_face:
But they are doing some interesting things


Starship - flight 4 video (SpaceX)


Are fox spirits good daughters in law? Is the toad okay with the guy pulling it around because at least it got a shiny pearl out of the deal? Is ascension the next level of the computer game for everyone after beating the end boss? Was tricking the toad a pro move? What happened to the mother? Did the toad fly up to the moon? I now have more questions than before, thanks! :thinking:


And I want to know if a master of ‘internal alchemy’ can turn themselves into gold?


Thanks to our digestive systems, we’re all masters of internal alchemy


No, no. You’ve got to find the amulet of Yendor before ascending, otherwise it doesn’t count!


ESA - Ariane 6

The unexpected result is the Auxiliary Propulsion Unit (APU) not firing up during second coasting phase. A news conference is about to start which I expect to have more info.


Hmmm … all satellites were deployed, but the tumbling appears correct, albeit in a stable low earth orbit.

De-orbit on hold

The mission was a great success, with all main objectives having been reached. It only failed to de-orbit due to issues with the APU. It was decided to not deploy the remaining 2 reentry capsules, to keep orbiting objects to a minimum. They are awaiting further data and analysis on this issue. No further news from the press conference for that matter.

Further :flying_disc: images from Ariane 6 found on X


Confident? Hmmm.

Once they are back on the ground, I wonder if either of them will be taking Boeing jets anytime soon.