Is the inner world of Tron a simulation or an alternate reality?

There is a fact not mentioned - the way humans are processing information.

If you look on something, everything you get is some light, hitting your retina and those signals are then processed by your brain. In real world, there actually is no color, there are wavelenghts which are interpreted by our brain.

So the whole process about “sensing” is just a matter of what our brain is doing with proivided information.

On this base, the world of Tron must not be anything which you can actually touch, see or feel. It can be just a stream of information fed to your brain resulting in actuall feels, visuals etc.

So, when you jump in Tron-World must not mean, that you are actually moving. It’s just a command resulting in an expected behaviour, if you like. There must not be a real jump involved and there also must not be any physics involved.

So it is fully possible that the world of tron (when digitized) is just what our brain makes out of this information.

Look it like this. If Sam goes into Tron, he would have a completely different experience than Flynn. Actually he had - the World of Tron was completely different for Sam.

Some say, World-Of-Tron involved. But it is also possible, that it didn’t change at all and the Legacy-Tron-World is just what Tron looks/feels for Sam instead of Flynn. There is still some common sense about environment like gravity, lookalike because it is the human expectation of a world.

What would happen, when you digitize a dog. How would the dog sense the World of Tron. Maybe there would be cats instead of motorcylces. Because the motorcycle is just a visual repesentation of some information in the grid which just gets intepreted by the brain connected.



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