The new understanding of reality


Based on the twitch stream and the envolvement of Echo.They must have found a way to create a simulated consciousness.
So what’s consciousness? Despite the countless theories in this topic, many believe its some kind of connection between everything, its what created the laws of our world and nature based on our believes. For example, in ancient civilizations they thought that gods are the creation of our thoughts, we created them after creating a need for a superior being that will guide us in this universe. Maybe Zeus was real maybe all the gods were real at some point until we stopped believing in them and focused on one superior being: “god”.there’s a possibility that creatures like dragons and fairies once existed until we stopped believing in them.
I consider that the time is just a memorie, what we call past is just the memories of this consciousness maybe we made science and physics to make things easier, we changed the rules of this world to make it more " realistic" but we ended up suffering and wishing to find an other world. We must reconsider the power of ideas and the power of belief.


While I like the post, I think all that is flawed thinking. If the nature of the universe really was subject to a “majority vote” of all sentient inhabitants, it would be quite a bit different than what it is now. Who is happy with their lives, and the world which cradles it? Even the weather? Very few. God would be a Santa Claus. Instead we think He’s a bit stingy and distant.

However, a person or group with the power of a quantum supercomputer harnessing quantum technology to hack into the universe, that’s a different matter…


Great Video! -)



Hindus, Dogón, pagans in general… Many polytheistic religions on Earth, today, might disagree a bit on that… With all due respect, I don’t think ancient people would agree at all that their faith created their gods… That sounds to me like what Neil Gaiman or Allan Moore would say…