Is ETARC part and parcel of the Waking Titan ARG?

I note that a mail drop providing clues to Waking Titan was made in New York and according to
Edison Township Radio Club is located near Fords, NJ (United States) which is very near New York.

Who is Emily really?

Emily addresses Edison Township Radio Club (ETRC) here

tl;dr our community ETARC is completely different from ETRC.

I can confirm that Emily is just another person swept up in this craze. Not only is she too kind of a person to be deceiving us all. She is also no where near New York as she has moved from Edison Township to London.

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Hey! I understand your skepticism, I guess, but I’m not some sort of nefarious plant for ‘Project WT’, whatever that even is. Edison is fairly close to New York, but we never got a lot of visitors and honestly I didn’t travel far from home when I lived there. I’m living in London now, I moved here to get my master’s and sort of settled in. It’s different, not like home, but that’s probably for the best.


I moved across a continent (from Arizona to NJ) to get my masters as well. It was a huge change for me as well. It is amazing what motivates people to change :slight_smile: What field pushed you to move - I am in science.

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It was less about the field and more about just getting a fresh start, honestly. I could have gotten a masters in mass communication much closer to home, but moving was the right choice.


Hindsight 20/20 and all that, glad it was a good move :slight_smile: hopefully there is as much a call for a mass communication degree over there as there is over here :slight_smile:

Now I feel like a slacker. I only have Bachelor’s in Comp Sci. Which I don’t use anyway!

I’m doing okay for myself on this side of the pond :slight_smile: