Introducing OXO | A New Application Designed for the WT Contest!

OXO is a new application coming soon to Steam that allows you to create, play, and share your own forms of media! Starring features such as dynamic procedural generation, advanced peer-to-peer connections, sculpting/3D modeling in application, compatibility with traditional programs & engines, the full license to your creations, and a new way to invigorate an idea into existence!

With OXO, you can now create anything you want through just thought. There is no need to be clumsy throughout menus or worry about the little things. As long as you have an idea, our upcoming EEG attachment, or alternatively our native support with WARE headsets, allows you to ingrain any idea you may have with just a simple vision!


I’ve been fortunate enough to observe as Quantum Pop Studios continues to push unheard-of boundaries in multiple entertainment mediums every single day. QP and the staff have leveled the playing field for an otherwise extremely challenging medium to work in. And now, thanks to OXO, anyone with an idea and a clear vision can make their dreams a reality literally overnight. They’ve not only been a continual inspiration, but their subtle contributions to our work at BasicMaths Games will not be forgotten.

It has been a breath-taking experience seeing Quantum Pop studios push themselves to break limits we never thought even existed. OXO has formed a way for just about anyone to create what they desire on a medium that was thought impossible to create with. Their determination and perseverance is something to behold. We at Second Spring Studios are both in awe and gratitude for the work they have done.
Second Spring Studios


The Terragen Development Team (Planetside) for their valued terrain generation algorithms.

Bob for his subtle pats that inspired thousands.


I’ve only intermittenly kept up with Waking Titan… However, this post led me to a site called which has a hex code at the bottom that converts into help loop16… Not sure if this is new, I’ve not really done any diggin on the site. I did apply to be a tester though!

yada yada yada… PENROSE PATH… Google search returned ONLY a location in NY… Curiousor and curiosor…

Interesting that Karen Leighton, who has a sister named Elizabeth, is an alpha tester for BMG’s game Penrose Path…hmmm

It’s not official. These are all fan submissions for a Waking Titan contest.

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Yeah. It’s a reference. It’s not meant to come off as a real ARG site, as it isn’t. It’s part of a Waking Titan contest.

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Thanks! I did start to notice that as I began to dive deeper. Site creator did a great job staying on theme!


I find myself getting deeper down the rabbit hole and having trouble seeing the clear blue sky behind me…Really well done sites out there to all the competitors!

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